Strip Down, Rise Up


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Reviewed by locutas 1

Heal trauma by impersonating a stripper?! i think strippers have enough trauma in their lives without every other woman glamourizing the sex industry.this should be "how to waste money"docogo have a look at Indian pole dancers. They have talent

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Reviewed by Anna_nef_k 2

As a professional pole dancer myself, I found this boring, one sided (Jennyne Butterfly was the only sane and real person in this entire documentary) and purely "American" (drama and a lot of truly hard emotional stories but the way they directed it seemed to be just for the show and only for the viewer to FEEL something). The whole documentary was nothing but a commercial for the studio of Sheila. Waste of time , doesnt portray the real world of pole dancing by any means.

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Reviewed by nana-67391 1

If there&#39;s a 0 or -99 for me to select, I will.Not sure did the producer or production team ever done any research about pole dancing or just stumble upon a random support group that looks like some weird cult and decided to make the show.<br/><br/>Pole dancing is nothing like that.<br/><br/>It&#39;s really uncomfortable for me to watch.<br/><br/>Glad that if the cult did help those traumatized women but pole dancing community is a cheerful, supportive and optimistic sport.

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