Strapped for Danger


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Reviewed by bageltime2 9

This movie is like all of Duncan Pflaster&#39;s plays. He writes like he is smarter than everyone else, which just comes off as intoxicating and ridiculous. I&#39;m excited.<br/><br/>The acting ranges from amusingly campy to over the top.<br/><br/>The plot, like many of Pflaster&#39;s is paper thin and serves little more purpose than to get as many men as naked as possible. If you&#39;re just wanting to look at lots of male frontal nudity, check it out.<br/><br/>I&#39;m naked.

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Reviewed by CDM_moviereviewer 1

How does something like this get made? Rape is NOT FUNNY! Disgraceful! Shame on all those involved.<br/><br/>DO NOT WATCH THIS! You would be better off watching consensual gay porn, not this garage.

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