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Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 8

This is newbie director Rowan Athale&#39;s second full length feature film (plus one short), and aside from a few technical errors and editing issues, he pretty much nailed it behind the camera and in directing his cast.<br/><br/>The film is an adaptation of the novel (I haven&#39;t read it) of the same name by John Searles, turned into a screenplay by novice writer Eric Garcia. The pacing started out decent, then slowed down midway, and felt dragged out towards the end, that the 96 min run-time felt longer. I wasn&#39;t a fan of the non-climatic stretch of cross-cutting time lines, and I felt the story would&#39;ve been better told in the proper order.<br/><br/>Casting was excellent and all actors were convincing in their roles, especially Margaret Qualley, who was outstanding in her starring role.<br/><br/>The cinematography was on point, and the score perfect for this type of film.<br/><br/>For a low-budget B-grade film by unseasoned filmmakers, this was a surprisingly enjoyable noir-thriller about grief, belief and the things we keep hidden.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a recommended watch and a well deserved 8/10 from me.

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Reviewed by stevepat99 2

We all know the premise i.e. girl shows up and tells mom/dad/son that she isvery pregnant with child from their first son who died five years earlier. She denies having had sex with any other man since his death and nonsensically neither offers not is asked for any &#39;details&#39; supporting her seemingly outrageous claim.<br/><br/>To its credit, the script has the family discussing the possibility of their son&#39;s sperm having been frozen (99% unlikely for a young teen guy). There is no discussion of other ways a girl can get pregnant with no recollection of the sex act i.e. girl/woman drunk at bar-party and awakens next morning wondering what she may have &#39;done&#39; last night.<br/><br/>Hence, the intriguing premise does not and can not work. It leads to a plot hole the size of Montana! Namely, available non-invasive pre-birth and/or DNA post birth testing to prove paternity.<br/><br/>The movie makes a big deal about the surviving son&#39;s leg injury which has nothing to do with the film&#39;s major plots.<br/><br/>None of the character are likeable.<br/><br/>Yes, there are twists and turns which for the most part make little or no sense.<br/><br/>The final editing of scenes, in staccato, time twisting, fashion was annoying and totally unnecessary.<br/><br/>Biggest &#39;plus&#39;.... the girl is the best screamer ever!

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Reviewed by phd_travel 7

This isn&#39;t a typical thriller. The cast is quite good even supporting cast so that should indicate that it&#39;s not a second rate show. It&#39;s different. Starts off like a psychological thriller. Then things become more crime drama with an unexpected villain. The conclusion is unexpected but at least doesn&#39;t leave you hanging totally.<br/><br/>Margaret Qualley is getting lots of good roles and she is quite watchable. Amy Ryan plays the bitter Mother and divorcee quite well.<br/><br/>Worth a watch.

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