Stinking Heaven


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by kaare676-556-913155 10

Stumbled upon this movie by accident. Was absolutely floored by it. Nathan Silver and his team have achieved greatness. It possesses a unique and fully formed voice. Hard to believe that this is the first film I&#39;ve seen from Silver. Shot beautifully, expertly acted and full of gorgeous emotion. At times it is hilarious. However, a strong emotional core pulses throughout. The home video aesthetic served the material incredibly well. The rhythm is wild yet gripping, leading you towards a perfect end. Highly recommended. This picture is one of my all time favorite films. I cannot wait to see what this team does next.<br/><br/>-Andrew

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Reviewed by DavidCSjoberg 9

Director Nathan Silver has created a remarkable cinematic achievement with this film. It&#39;s a tight intense comedic drama that explores interpersonal relations and examines different characters places within a group dynamic. The entire cast gives wonderful performances that transcends conventional dramatic linearity and instead express deeper aspects of existence. The film functions as a mirror or a window through which the spectator can see deeper truths regarding group harmony versus individual distress and the performative sides to different forms of living ones life.<br/><br/>The cinematography works great in how it explores and disseminates individuals as well as the collective relationships and the performances from the actors, who are phenomenal over all. The use of music works really great as well.<br/><br/>Nathan Silver has created something really special with this form of artistic expression. Especially in how he manages to infuse the tragedy of this particular commune with loads of humour, all while maintaining a mood that&#39;s both lucid and surreal at the same time. He&#39;s without a doubt one of the most interesting directors working in American cinema today. I sense that he has the possibility to make a veritable masterpiece in his future.

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Reviewed by ferguson-6 5

Greetings again from the darkness. This narrative entry at the Oak Cliff Film Festival takes place in a sober living commune located in Passaic, New Jersey around 1990. It&#39;s a live-in self-help environment that seems to do everything but help, and probably not far removed from the &quot;protective&quot; environments offered by Jim Jones, Charles Manson and David Koresh.<br/><br/>The rules of the house, as administered by married couple Jim (Keith Poulson) and Lucy (Deragh Campbell) make complete sense on the index card, but seem to have little effect on the residents. Kicking off with a marriage ceremony between two members of the group, followed by a family style dinner ? the story follows the same path of the origin of the word &quot;Honeymoon&quot; as told by the groom. We see the peak of happiness and then follow the slow descent in bleakness.<br/><br/>Part of the &quot;therapy&quot; involves filming cruel reenactments of life&#39;s low point for each of the recovering addicts. Remember, these aren&#39;t just flawed individuals, but rather deeply damaged emotionally. They are each weak and insecure, and these emotions make for a tension-packed living environment ? hardly one that promotes any type of healing.<br/><br/>Director Nathan Silver&#39;s ensemble cast is very strong, especially Tallie Medel and Hannah Gross ? both offering hope for future projects. Having never been an addict, I can&#39;t imagine how tough it must be to get clean and stay clean; however, my instincts tell me that group living in a home that makes their own fermented tea in the bathtub may not be the best solution.

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