Steven Universe: The Movie


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Reviewed by marvelman-48152 10

This movie is so important! It's a message of love, hope, and most importantly friendship! A true masterpiece!

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Reviewed by Bulldog1721 10

This movie was just flat-out AMAZING! It followed along with the series finale very well and it brought us the most heartwarming story that Cartoon Network has made in a good while!!!<br/><br/>While i say that this really ends the Renaissance for Cartoon Network, Steven Universe: The Movie really was an Amazing story filled with Laughter, Drama, Heart and soul. It really made me feel like the show ended off with a great ending and it really is one of those movies that can be described as a fun time!<br/><br/>Hate to see this show go away. But the movie itself, AWESOME AND AMAZING!!! Cartoon Network needs more material like this instead of Teen Titans GO!<br/><br/>But take it from a guy who studies animation as an art form, Steven Universe&#39;s movie really has my sincere recommendation! I hope that we can all BELIEVE IN STEVEN.........

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Reviewed by tomassalazartrivino 10

No words. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I thought it wasn&#39;t going to be that great when I found out it was going to be a musical, but it&#39;s soooo well done and yet so emotive. I LOVE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! Also, this movie made me realize that there are still some things that can be done with the show, so I hope we get another season.<br/><br/>An excellent, emotive, really powerful movie. I love it. I&#39;d watch again.

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