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Reviewed by helvin3 4

Script wasn't the greatest in this film. The first half was full of narcissistic personalities and over the top stereotyping... Then the second half delved into some topics relevant to this day and age and made it a much more interesting watch - alongside some awesome dance talent! TL/DR: wish that the great, relevant, thought-provoking themes of this film were given to a better writer and director (imo). Great steps!

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Reviewed by jasciaroberts 6

So I started watching this because I was super bored and as all of the rest of the reviews state, the first half of this movie is super played out and so cheesy you can't help but roll your eyes. Then, literally halfway through the movie it changes and gives real dimensions and honestly addresses a lot of things that are super relevant and need to be addressed. I was PLEASANTLY surprised and I will absolutely recommend and watch this movie again.

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Reviewed by heavymetal-10057 2

The movie Step Sisters on Netflix is a masterpiece of terrible cinema.<br/><br/>The film tells the story of a black girl teaching a white sorority how to dance like black girls. It manages to mash together every bad trope from the &#39;Dance competition&#39; movies from the early 2000&#39;s(think Bring It On) with cringingly terrible acting, a ridiculous plot, excellent dancing, and unintentionally hilarious quotability(&quot;YOU NEED TO MAKE THEIR ASS HAIR STAND UP!!!&quot;).<br/><br/>This is all served alongside a large helping of performative &#39;wokeness&#39;, uncomfortable, non-funny racial humor and unfocused social justice &#39;lessons&#39;. ( For instance, a large part of the plot is about the impact of cultural appropriation of black traditions by white people, but then also features a dance number with a bunch of black women dressed as generic Asian women in silk robes and fans without blinking an eye.)<br/><br/>Please note I am making no comment on actual cultural appropriation, race, or social justice. The movie tries to make these issues a major plot point, and fails spectacularly. The only major lesson the movie ends up conveying is &quot;Race, culture, and upbringing are unimportant as long as you are rich and pretty&#39;<br/><br/>I HIGHLY recommend it, if only as a unintended parody of the current &#39;everything is offensive to the point where we cant tell what is actually offensive&quot; climate, but also as a gem of cinematic garbage that at times approaches The Room in terms of terribleness and watchability

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