Stealing Las Vegas


Crime / Thriller

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Reviewed by kingokocim 3

I really liked the concept and what they did with what they had.<br/><br/>It was obvious that it&#39;s a low budget movie. I like some low budget movies, but there was so much more they could do with this movie across the board (acting, directing, editing, etc.).<br/><br/>Based on the movie, I do believe that they did the best with what they had.<br/><br/>I just wish they put more $ into making the movie. The concept was great.<br/><br/>The movie was kind of like a cheap version of Ocean&#39;s Eleven.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t think I would recommend anyone see it.

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Reviewed by docmayla-47340 9

Entertaining B-Movie from Roger Corman. Much better than most of the VOD out there.

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Reviewed by skiddmarkz13 10

Fun ensemble casino caper heist with Eric Roberts at his sleaziest since Star 80. His casino boss character takes pictures of his &quot;conquests&quot; and with each flash of his camera, my subconscious registered Paul Schneider shotgun blasting Dorothy Stratton in Star 80 and I cringed with genuine fear and disgust. <br/><br/>The cast of Stealing Las Vegas is full of exciting up-and-comers, but the true &quot;find&quot; is Antonio Fargas aka Huggie Bear from TV&#39;s &quot;Starsky &amp; Hutch.&quot; Fargas is simultaneously menacing and sage, and the viewer is never quite sure which side he&#39;s on. <br/><br/>The same can be said for Elloy Mendez&#39;s Jorge who should be a star already. He&#39;s that darn good. With more twists and turns than a Six Flags rollie coaster, this indy is worth a look.

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