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Reviewed by itamarscomix 7

&#39;Steal This Movie&#39; is a well-thought, well-written well-acted, well-made dramatization of the life of left-wing activist Abbie Hoffman, probably the most famous of the Chicago Seven. (The title is a play on the title of Hoffman&#39;s autobiography, &#39;Steal This Book&#39;, though it certainly doesn&#39;t have the poignancy of that title.) &#39;Steal This Movie&#39; made some bold casting choices. The lead role was given to Vincent D&#39;Onofrio: not an obvious choice, because Vincent looks very little like Abbie, which caused many die-hard history aficionados to bash the decision. However, Vincent fills the role wonderful, brilliantly, expressing all the conflicting sides of Hoffman&#39;s personality, his sense of humor, his dead seriousness, strict political consciousness, bi-polar disorder, having to live in hiding and away from his wife and son. He makes the character come alive much more than someone else could have by simply looking and talking like him. Abbie&#39;s wife Anita is played wonderfully by SNL&#39;s Janeane Garofalo, accomplished comedian but not so as a dramatic actress.<br/><br/>Though it doesn&#39;t have that much cinematic value by its own right, &#39;Steal This Movie&#39; does a fantastic job of getting through both the spirit of the time and the greatness and difficulties of Hoffman&#39;s activities and his character - a great and fascinating person whose impact has long been overlooked. It&#39;s also a wonderful document of an important period that is practically ignored (relatively, of course). For those interested in the late 60s, in the hippie movements, Black Panthers and other left wing political movements of the time, and of course in Hoffman himself - it&#39;s invaluable, on top of being both touching and entertaining. A good watch.

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Reviewed by quayle-1 7

This was an overall good release but there were numerous flaws. The worst of which was the dumbing down of the characters, especially Abbie Hoffman. It made for good cinema and fit the mainstream&#39;s mental picture of Abbie, but was quite misleading. Abbie&#39;s last wife, Johanna Lawrenson, was grossly misrepresented as apolitical and little more than a bubble-headed groupie. Both were excellent organizers and people. Talking to both was inspiring. It&#39;s sad that a film from a better source misrepresented them. However, that said, the film has value for providing a visual picture of the times and occurrences of Abbie&#39;s life. Abbie was one of the most significant of the 60s cast of characters and this film contributes to keeping his legacy alive.

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Reviewed by EmperorNortonII 7

&quot;Steal This Movie&quot; is the biopic of Abbie Hoffman, the famed activist and self proclaimed &quot;orphan of America.&quot; The movie paints a portrait of Abbie as a man who loved his country, only not the way the status quo would have wanted him to. Vincent D&#39;Onofrio plays the lead with a real passion, and Janeane Garofalo also displays competent dramatic ability as Abbie&#39;s wife Anita. This movie shows America in the 1960s at its best and worst. What I found interesting was its use of grainy film for flashbacks, to take on the look of a &#39;60s documentary. If you were alive in Abbie Hoffman&#39;s time, you either loved him or hated him. Seeing the story of his life may give you a new perspective on who he was.

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