Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Action / Adventure

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Reviewed by donald-haschel 2

1- to save us from paying for mary Sues<br/><br/>2- to save us from Hollywood&#39;s lack of creativity and laziness via sequels, prequels and franchises<br/><br/>3- to deny JJ Abrams&#39; ex-wife more settlement money

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Reviewed by hdmfsds 2

Thanks for your input and all the upvotes here.<br/><br/>Now back to reality and a review for us viewers and Star Wars fans:<br/><br/>The film is bad, as bad as the rest of the trilogy that was wholly unneeded and attempted to reboot the whole thing for Disney&#39;s kiddie demographic via copying what Lucas had done albeit with weak actors and actresses, no character development and cheap directing.<br/><br/>Face it: the dark side won. The emperor is back and can return anytime, Yoda is dead and his vision has been quashed and a Mary Sue is running around magically Mary Suing the universe. The minions of the dark side are deep inside Disney and Bad Robot headquarters and making a billion dollar a pop from their evil visions and hordes of lemmings pay it to them.<br/><br/>PS: I love the ignorant and the spammers constantly writing &#39;oh JJ fixed it.&#39; WHO DO YOU THINK RUINED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Your beloved sith JJ was the director of 7 and producer of 8.

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Reviewed by rlzdcfta 2

How could they make a good movie when they did not have a decent or talented director, any good actors or actresses or a story? Never mind a lack of character development or respect and knowledge for the force.<br/><br/>There will always be six Star Wars films.<br/><br/>JJ and his wanna-bes are never-beens.

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