Spy Intervention


Action / Adventure

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Reviewed by ops-52535 6

Just like you and me, in our trivial pursuit, for gollop and gossip, toput ourself on the list of the top 10 on defence by the fence, speaking to your horrendously beutiful neighbour that youve eventually spied on for years with increasingly larger binocullars, to unbutton the real truth behind the sheet of cloth...<br/><br/>well this film is as confusing as what ive just written should make sense to you and everyone else, but a spy flick it is, pretty much on turbo injection, it has its bores and flaws, but also some brilliantly made comedy here and there. its a mockingly take on the spy trade, with lots of inspiration from jens bond to mission impassible, where the glitchfree moneyspenders are the tough guys, and all the others, like we live our lives in a cardbox called mariage or what ever...<br/><br/>its a comedy (full stop), with a score that feels like a spine in the buttocks, special effect at star wars episode one level, with a goal to harras all the english speaking population of the earth, me not included cause im norwegian hipp hipp hurra for det!!! otherwise its fast paced, there arent a moment of standstill and bore, and im sure itll only smear the tastebuds of just half the population of potential viewers.<br/><br/>i the grumpy old man though, had a neat moment watching, a few giggles here and there, not top notched but still a passable recommend

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Reviewed by sewbeauty 1

I made it just a few minutes in before I slapped myself and said &quot;why in the hell am i watching this&quot;? The acting is horrendous...the plot pathetic. How did this ever make it to film? Please do yourself a favor - don&#39;t waste your time by even starting this.

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Reviewed by cashovina 1

Low budget crap, bad acting, crappy effects and scenes with self reviewing crappy cast and production members. See &quot;Tell your friends&quot; review. This have to be banned from existence.

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