Splitting Heirs


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Reviewed by lllama 6

Okay, it may not have been the greatest flick, but it certainly wasn&#39;t the worst. In fact, I&#39;m glad that I checked the IMDB comments first because it gave me the proper perspective. I love British humor and I&#39;ve been a Python fan since it first hit the US. The negative comments prepared me for the worst, and the good ones gave me a reason to watch.<br/><br/>That said, I enjoyed the flick, in spite of its idiocy. Sometimes you just have to sit back and drop your logic in order to enjoy plain, simple entertainment. I&#39;d take this movie over any sitcom on TV. The movie was silly and lighthearted, (in spite of a few murders). By the end of the movie, I actually found myself liking Rick Moranis, who often gets on my nerves. Eric Idle and John Cleese were their typically silly selves. Catherine Zeta-Jones was beautiful and fun, though she seemed the tiniest bit pudgier than she is now. I was really impressed by Barbara Hershey, who took on her comedic role with gusto.<br/><br/>If you like your movies logical, you&#39;ll hate this one. It&#39;s full of holes, loose strings and stupid logic--but that&#39;s just not the point. If this were a totally reasonable world, there&#39;d be no Monty Python.<br/><br/>I watched it a second time with my husband, who laughed all the way through, and so did I. I think this one is like any Python stuff. You laugh harder the more you watch it, in spite of the absurdity. (I know it&#39;s foolish of me, but I laugh every time I hear Cleese repeat the phrase, &quot;She turned me into a newt.&quot;)

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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 7

Eric Idle does his typical zany stuff as an heir to a castle trying to unseat a loopy American (Rick Moranis), who has taken the position. Some of the scenes in the movie really make you think &quot;JESUS H. Christ!!!!!! I&#39;M REALLY WATCHING THIS!!!!!!!&quot; Probably the aspect that catches peoples&#39; eyes the most nowadays is the presence of a very young Catherine Zeta-Jones; when we first saw the movie, we didn&#39;t know who she was. But whether or not that&#39;s the aspect of &quot;Splitting Heirs&quot; that most catches your eyes shouldn&#39;t be the point. The point is that it&#39;s a really funny movie. Whether it&#39;s Rick Moranis on the roller skates, Eric Idle getting caught with more than his pants down, or something else, you won&#39;t find this movie boring. Also starring Barbara Hershey and John Cleese.

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Reviewed by snibril 7

I saw this film a few nights ago as a late night Channel 4 film. Eric Idle and John Cleese are in classic Monty Python form, with a few in-jokes thrown in too. Rick Moranis is an interesting addition, not brilliantly funny, but he adds the American humour element. I was absolutely sure the film was a late 70&#39;s film, from the title sequence, visuals, jokes, the fact that it said &quot;and introducing John Cleese&quot; in the opening credits, and Eric Idle looks very young. I was very surprised to find it was from 1993!<br/><br/>Great comedy, I&#39;d love to see more like this.

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