Split Decisions


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Reviewed by rsoonsa ([email protected]) 3/10

Gene Hackman plays the part of Dan McGuinn, a prizefighter as his fatherwasand as his sons are, in this ragged tale of a scrappy Irish family in NewYork City, pointedly devoid of female members. All of the McGuinns,including sons Ray (Jeff Fahey), a professional, and Eddie (CraigSheffer),a Golden Gloves champion and future Olympic aspirant, have been livingtogether although Ray has moved elsewhere as the action begins, and as heattempts to climb into the upper ranks of the middleweight division. Todothis, he has signed a contract to be managed by a rival of his father inorder to better advance his chances, which creates an emotional fencebetween father and son. Partially filmed in the Hell's Kitchen districtofNew York, the work deals largely with Ray's unintentional involvement withamob-connected boxing figure and the impact this has upon the fourMcGuinns.Publicity for the film avers that the ring backgrounds of director DavidDrury (an amateur in the U.K.) and of stunt boss Paul Stader lendauthenticity to the fight scenes; however, this is far from the case. Infact, there is an enormous problem with the boxing footage being widelyseparate from reality, the final bout being grotesquely silly.Additionally, the direction fails to generate a sense of tension andlargelybypasses that which would make a viewer buy into the scenario: explorationof the conflict between the N.Y.P.D. officer father and his wayward olderson. Technical aspects of the editing are handled with competence butwidespread cutting haunts the piece, increasing incredulity, particularlywhen joined by a poorly composed and cliche-flooded script. Fahey gives astrong performance, and his scenes with only Sheffer are probably thefilm'sbest (as released); Hackman gives his all, as is his custom, and JamesTolkan is quite effective as a well-outfitted principal villain, butJennifer Beals is lacklustre at best and her part easily could have beeneliminated. Camerawork by Tim Suhrstedt and Michael Hanan's productiondesign are top-flight but can do little to improve a motion picturehoneycombed with nullity

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Reviewed by drjgardner 4/10

It&#x27;s hard to believe they actually made this film. What were theythinking? Better yet, what were Gene Hackman, Jeff Fahey, and JenniferBeals thinking? They do a decent job in the acting area but the plot isso stale it looks like a fight film from the 40s. And the fight scenesare so staged it looks an amateur film. I mean, after &#x22;Rocky&#x22; we areall used to some pretty good fight scenes where it looks like the guyis actually being hit.<br><br>If you like fight films there are two good Rocky films, especially thefirst which I thought was excellent. As they continued to make themthey ultimately devalued the original, but at the time I thought it wasbrilliant. Now that it is a clich&#xE9; it&#x27;s hard to remember how powerfulthe original was. In addition to Rocky I liked &#x22;The Fighter&#x22; (2010),&#x22;Warrior&#x22; (2011), &#x22;Fight Club&#x22; (1999), &#x22;Raging Bull&#x22; (1980),&#x22;Cinderella Man&#x22; (2005), &#x22;Champion&#x22; (1949), and &#x22;The Set-up&#x22; (1949). Ofcourse I&#x27;ve left out the Kung Fu genre.

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Reviewed by merklekranz 6/10

Following a well worn clich&#xE9; path, &#x22;Split Decisions&#x22; is far fromoriginal, nevertheless I found it entertaining. The three generationsof Irish boxers seem to be in constant turmoil, but in the end standtogether nicely. Gene Hackman is not the star here, even with topbilling. It is Craig Sheffer and Jeff Fahey, as Hackman&#x27;s sons, whocarry the film. Jennifer Beals really has nothing to do, and is totallywasted. Character development is good, and the truncated boxing scenesare exciting............................. If you are willing to acceptthis revenge in the ring film for what it is, it is very watchable. -MERK

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