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Reviewed by Snow Leopard 7

&quot;Spellbound&quot; is one of Hitchcock&#39;s hardest films to evaluate, because its plot and credibility are so heavily dependent on theories of psychoanalysis that are usually considered to be implausible, at the very best. But if you can accept, for the sake of entertainment, the more dubious plot devices, what remains is a fine film dominated by the great director&#39;s usual creativity and technical mastery. Although it&#39;s hard to get away from the implausibilities, it&#39;s a fine movie in all other respects.<br/><br/>Gregory Peck stars as an amnesia case, and Ingrid Bergman as a psychoanalyst trying to unravel his mysterious - and possibly murderous - past. Most of the other characters are also psychoanalysts or patients, and the plot revolves around the ways that Bergman&#39;s character uses Freudian theories to solve the mystery. Whether you can enjoy the story depends on how willing you are to suspend disbelief concerning the wilder aspects of these theories, but if you are willing to do so, it&#39;s quite nicely done in most parts, with some fine scenes and a couple of good plot twists. It is also worth watching for the famous Salvador Dali dream sequence, which is very creatively done and fascinating to watch. Peck and Bergman also create interesting and sympathetic characters, who make the viewer want to know what will happen to them.<br/><br/>Overall, this is a distinctive film, and well worth seeing for any Hitchcock fan.

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Reviewed by dbdumonteil 10

Could this one be the most underrated of all Hitchcock&#39;s American movies/What?only 7.6?And however,you&#39;ve got plenty of movies for the price of one!Come on ,wake up,and give this triumph its due!<br/><br/>1.It&#39;s a mystery movie:Peck suffers from amnesia,he may or may not be a criminal,only snatches of memory come back and he can&#39;t put them together.Some clues appear,the &quot;lines&quot; vision is the most famous.<br/><br/>2.It&#39;s a movie full of suspense;great scenes:the letter which Bergman tries to hide,the news papers at the railway station.<br/><br/>3.It&#39;s a chase movie:Bergman and Peck escape from the nursing home and search a shrink&#39;s colleague help.<br/><br/>4.It&#39;s a dreamlike movie:not only for the Dali&#39;s -too often unfairly dismissed-dream.Actually, the whole story is wrapped in a supernatural,eerie atmosphere.<br/><br/>5.It&#39;s a romantic story:the scenes outside the nursing home in country landscapes are wonderfully and lovingly filmed.<br/><br/>6.It&#39;s a movie of redemption:Bergman falls in love with her patient,and she&#39;s got to struggle -thanks Mister Freud- to help Peck to recover his<br/><br/>full memory.<br/><br/>7.It&#39;s a technically astounding movie,as in every Hitch movie:it features the shortest color scene (it&#39;s a black and white movie)in cinema.And I won&#39;t tell you when it appears,watch out.<br/><br/>8.It&#39;s a movie from the Master of suspense,and I trade you &quot;a lapse of memory&quot;,&quot;shattered&quot; and &quot;the third day &quot; for &quot;Spellbound&quot;!It deserves to be in the top 250!

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Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 8

Alfred Hitchcock weaves his spell binding magic into this Francis Beeding novel. In some opinions, this is Hitchcock&#39;s best project from the 40&#39;s. Powerful stars and a great story line keeps your interest until the final shot.<br/><br/>An amnesia patient(Gregory Peck)is believed to be a psychotic killer. Bits and pieces of his memory about a childhood accident makes him believe that he is a murderer. Ingrid Bergman plays a young psychiatrist, who helps Peck unravel his past and regain his memory and mental health. During this process, the lovely doctor tries not to fall in love with her needy patient. She takes him to her old professor(Michael Chekhov) for help. He is reluctant to get involved with solving the mystery to clear the patient&#39;s name.<br/><br/>Brilliant camera work and being filmed in black &amp; white really helped the story line. There is an eye opening dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali that is down right mystic.<br/><br/>The strong and talented cast also includes: Regis Toomey, Leo G. Carroll and Rhonda Fleming. This film is worth the time to watch again and again.

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