Spanish Judges


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Reviewed by Anticriticdotnet 10

Wow, I can&#39;t believe i&#39;m the first and only one to post a comment on this great movie.<br/><br/>Although the movie itself seemed interesting enough the real thing that attracted me to this one is Matt lillard, granted most people probably either think he&#39;s too caffeine happy or just plain sucks but we&#39;re both the same age and from the same generation and i&#39;ve watched this guy so many times that he&#39;s one of my favorites now. This is one of the few movies where he is the big shot and main star kind of like in SLC Punk, another great Lillard film.<br/><br/>Baiscally this is storywise your usual heist movies but with more twists than anything, which start to amount to craziness. Also very notable in this movie is another great actor named vincent D&#39;onofrio, a very under appreciated person in the film industry. The woman in the movie is a newcomer and she isn&#39;t too bad although you know they hired her mainly for her accent and the nude scene =)<br/><br/>It&#39;s a game of jack vs jill vs bob as each want to reap the rewards but share with no one. They all try to get eachother to kill off the other and it&#39;s a timebomb waiting to explode. Matt shows his true prowess as the scheming JAck who initially starts the whole scheme. Vincent and woman play a couple of art thieves who are in need of money due to a lack of business. Vince&#39;s character is a bit deranged and skitz&#39;s throughout the movie but that only add to the intensity of the film.<br/><br/>The surprises left and right are well welcomed and the ending is very non cliche and makes you feel happy, well maybe that depends on the type of endings you like. This movie kept me very interested besides the fact Matt was in it, it&#39;s a great movie and i&#39;d highly recommend it to anyone who likes movies. Critic&#39;s probably won&#39;t like this movie, but they don&#39;t watch movies cause they like movies anyway.

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Reviewed by WildThang77 9

I thought this movie did an excellent job of showing just how unpredictable love can be. It was a tale of treachery and manipulation gone wrong and the consequences that must be paid.<br/><br/>The plot kept one guessing what would happen next and was full of surprises.

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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 3

The stranger Jack (Matthew Lillard) arrives in the studio of the crook collector of antiques Max (Vincent D&#39;Onofrio) and tells his ambitious companion and specialist in poisons Jamie (Valeria Golino) that he is Jack&#39;s brother. Jamie does not buy his story, dominates Jack and ties him up to a chair. When Max arrives, Jack proposes US$ 100,000.00 for each one to protect him in a negotiation of the antiques &quot;Spanish Judges&quot; with a wealthy and dangerous collector. Max invites his stupid acquaintance Piece (Mark Boone Junior), who comes with his retarded girlfriend that believes she is from Mars, to compose the backup team. However, Jack double-crosses the collector and then he intrigues Jack, Jamie and Piece.<br/><br/>The low budget &quot;Spanish Judges&quot; is a movie with a reasonable screenplay with an awful conclusion that wastes a good cast. Valeria Golino is astonishingly beautiful but together with the good actor Vincent D&#39;Onofrio, they are not able to save the stupid story. Further, the scenes that are supposed to be funny unfortunately do not work, and actually they are silly and not funny. My vote is three.<br/><br/>Title (Brazil): &quot;Tudo Por Dinheiro&quot; (&quot;All For Money&quot;)

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