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It&#39;s a stupid movie with a stupid premise - but, strangely enough, it works pretty well. The ludicrous story revolves around Frank (played by Andrew McCarthy) who goes into the hospital to donate a kidney to his brother in law, only to have the doctor remove the - um - wrong organ. He then has to fight some pretty funny fights as he tries to convince the hospital to reverse the procedure. Yes - medically the movie is nonsense, but this isn&#39;t a medical drama. It&#39;s just a stupid comedy that is at times very funny. The conversation between Frank and the doctor who performed the accidental gender re-assignment surgery on him is a comedy gem of misunderstandings and had me in stitches, and there were other scenes in the movie that had me laughing out loud - which doesn&#39;t often happen. It features interesting characters who are given interesting names (there seems to be some sort of tribute going on to movies of the 1930&#39;s since there were character names taken from at least &quot;The Wizard Of Oz&quot; and &quot;Mutiny On The Bounty.&quot;)<br/><br/>Is it a great movie? Will it be considered a classic? I&#39;d say not. It&#39;s crude at times and pretty typically National Lampoon material and it has a definite low budget feel to it. Some of the performances are less than outstanding. A masterpiece it is not. But for some mindless entertainment it actually works. (7/10)

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