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Reviewed by kaybar 10

I loved this film so much I&#39;ve seen it several times, and with each viewing am rewarded with another layer of story telling, symbolism, character development and references to Kiwiana - &amp; NZ v USA culture.<br/><br/>On first viewing it&#39;s a twisty road trip with lashings of humour and a sci fi flavour, but subsequent viewings reveal a much darker story and complicated characters - once you recognise clues delivered in short sequences, or understand that throwaway lines are crucial to the story.<br/><br/>Cinematically it&#39;s an eye popping feast of vast landscapes and gorgeous lush scenery, but it&#39;s the dark twisty story which satisfies the most. Melanie Lynskey as Alice blew me away in her first sexy lead role rather than as the usual &quot;suburban friend&quot; she gets cast as; even Dean O&#39;Gormon surprised as I&#39;d only ever seen him acting in a soap before.<br/><br/>The soundtrack deserves special mention - especially the mood inducing soundscapes as the road trip progresses.<br/><br/>Overall this is a classic NZ film which will affect an entire generation of New Zealanders as Goodbye Pork Pie did in the 70s. Well worth a look.

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Reviewed by serebo1 9

Superb acting and cinematography compliment a fresh writing style that skillfully guides us through this modern-day &quot;Alice in Wonderland&quot; set in New Zealand. Lynskey especially takes us on an ultra-realistic joy/horror ride, as the subtle changes in her character hook us almost subconsciously, and before we know it, drag us forever down the rabbit hole, screaming for more!

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Reviewed by haydendeepsy 7

I was not surprised when i saw the rating because i always viewed Snakeskin as a film that you have to watch multiple times in order to understand.The first time i watched it, i really liked how the story built up the characters in the first half of the movie, while the second half left me with a lot of question marks. Although, when i watched it for the third time, i really grasped the symbolism and profound thoughts presented in the third act.<br/><br/>Snakeskin starts off as a fun action film, but then it turns into a thriller with very suspenseful scenes in claustrophobical environments.I also liked how the director chose to have all the minor characters shown in previous scenes, reappear later on to show that everyone is heading in the same direction.The music is really well chosen, the landscapes shown in both day and night scenes are really beautiful, and the actors, especially Oliver Driver, give the film an even higher level.I definitely recommend watching it, but as i previously said, you need to watch it multiple times in order to understand it.

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