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Reviewed by noralee 10

&quot;Six Shooter&quot; is the debut written/directed film by playwright Martin McDonagh and now I want to see more of his work.<br/><br/>This film is suffused with death, human and animal; we see or hear about intentional deaths - murder and suicide--, natural deaths --by illness or mysterious causes, accidental deaths, and maybe a few I missed in passing.<br/><br/>Each character deals with death in a different way, from the psychotic to tearful grief to quiet suffering to violent reactions, and the actors portray each fully.<br/><br/>While Brendan Gleeson is the central widower trying to make sense of all these observations of death for his own coping mechanisms, the film is stolen by a motormouth Rúaidhrí Conroy as the most annoying guy to ever be on public transport. He non-stop goes from cheerful to entertaining to manipulative to scary and beyond.<br/><br/>While it does go a bit over the top, the cinematography and settings always ground it in grim reality, with a brief excursion into magic realism.<br/><br/>The Irish scenery outside the railway car windows does look very pretty, in contrast to what&#39;s going on inside.<br/><br/>I viewed this film as part of a commercial screening of Oscar nominated shorts.

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Reviewed by fowler-16 7

McDonagh is a brilliant story teller and fully deserves his Tony nominations and his Olivier Award for Best Play (The Pillowman). His critics have questioned his use of casual cruelty as a dramatic device, although he always grounds violence in a social context or connects sadism to particular characters&#39; proclivities. This film is beautifully acted by Brendon Gleeson and especially Rúaidhrí Conroy, sharply photographed, and well directed by McDonagh himself. For technique alone it is Oscar-worthy. But the whole piece strikes me as an absurdist joke with insufficient resonance. This is a mélange of destructions, an indulgence in violence that reduces and parodies McDonagh&#39;s better scripts.

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Reviewed by Cinema Buff 10

As far as short films go, this is near the top of the list. McDonagh (formerly a playwright, here making his film debut) is a master craftsman, able to play several levels at the same time. &quot;Six Shooter&quot; is shocking, heartbreaking and very funny, often simultaneously. The story, in a nutshell, revolves around four people, each suffering a very recent death in their families. As they each deal with the loss in very different ways, they collide with each other, sometimes with words, sometimes with more.<br/><br/>The cast is uniformly excellent, especially Brendan Gleeson as the sad-eyed protagonist and Rúaidhrí Conroy as a ticking time-bomb of a kid. McDonagh&#39;s pitch-perfect writing - while not approaching the near-apocalyptic absurdity of plays like &quot;The Lieutenant of Inishmore&quot; - is appropriately bleak. His direction is also assured, showing him to be a filmmaker to watch in coming years.<br/><br/>&quot;Six Shooter&quot; is available on iTunes for two dollars. If you can, buy it. It&#39;s truly a great work of modern cinema.

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