Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists


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Reviewed by bishoz 7

This movie is not only boring, it is also really badly done. The graphics are so bad, they are not even second rate - they are dreadful. The characters do not show any facial expresssions, the voice acting is empty and without any soul, and the plot absolutely lacks .... well... anything and everything. My 5 year old likes it - but thinks it's a bit boring. I agree with him.

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Reviewed by gonzor666 1

This thing is really awfull. There′s no charachter with weight, they′re all floating around in the BG′s. The Motion Capture is a fine toy, but this movie demostrates that you really need people who knows animation to do an animated film. THE MACHINE CAN′T DO ANYTHING WELL BY ITSELF. If you see it as a bizarre film, you′ll have fun finding mistakes of continuity... IN A 3D MOVIE!!! It′s funny to watch the princess dress move around like a thing with diferent phisics. You need animators and 3D animators, not data-entries whom know 3D programs. Note the junctions, like the elbows, how they lost volume and get deformed. The person who made the charachter design (a very good one) sufered for sure when he/she watched them move, ′cos you can′t say they come to life.

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Reviewed by redbeard_nv 7

Implementing the latest technology for special effects in a film has had it&#39;s hits and misses, never more so in full length animated motion pictures. The realization of 3D Computer Generated Images (CGI) have been restricted to companies like Pixar (Monsters, Inc., Toy Story) or PDI-Pacific Data Images (Antz, Shrek). But the images have been primarily of funny animals with cartoonesque rendering of humans. Game manufacturer SquareSoft tried with their technologically superior, but vapid tale &quot;Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within&quot;.<br/><br/>Now, an India based company, Pentafour, tries with a superior bend in their storytelling and artistic design with &quot;Sinbad&quot;. Although their movement software isn&#39;t as smooth or as well rendered as &quot;Final Fantasy&quot;, the story is much more engaging, making it another good entry in the myriad tales of the most famous sailor since Popeye.<br/><br/>Brendan Fraiser seems to have found his niche in these characters (along with his work in the Mummy films) giving voice to the adventurous young salt on another mission of danger, discovery and romance. The conceptual designs, especially in the undersea kingdom are excellent. You just have to get past the somewhat stilted animation style and renderings of the human characters and it makes for a pretty good entry into someone&#39;s animation film collection.

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