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Reviewed by Lechuguilla 7

An autistic boy appears to be the only witness to a murder. Because of the boy&#39;s inability to communicate with others, a child psychiatrist must work with the child to solve the crime. I presume that the film&#39;s &quot;take&quot; on autism is at least reasonably accurate. But, as a murder mystery, the film was a disappointment. There just isn&#39;t that much to the story, which contains large amounts of filler. The plot is contrived. And the film&#39;s pace is very slow.<br/><br/>One gets the impression that the real purpose of the film is to &quot;teach&quot;, or tutor, viewers on the subject of autism. I have no problem with that, except that by using a vulnerable child as a major character, the film becomes manipulative, in that it uses the child to invoke a sympathetic response from viewers.<br/><br/>The film&#39;s music, costumes, and production design are fine. Ben Faulkner, as the little boy, does a fine job in a difficult role. Other actors also give credible performances. But Richard Dreyfuss, as the psychiatrist, is dreadfully miscast. An older actor with a more refined persona would have been more believable.<br/><br/>If you have an interest in autism, &quot;Silent Fall&quot; is worth watching. And the film does have moments of suspense, especially toward the end. But the film lacks the complexity and depth to be a truly entertaining whodunit.

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Reviewed by GTWL4 2

Richard Dreyfuss portrays an unhappy doctor. After losing a young patient and blaming himself--he decided to no longer work with children. Then he meets &quot;Tim,&quot; an autistic child, who lost both of his parents--to homicide. Tim&#39;s teen-aged sister insists that she is the only person on earth capable of caring for him, but Dreyfuss&#39; character has been persuaded to work with Tim, alone.<br/><br/>To me, this story was as close to a horror flick as a Richard Dreyfuss movie could be. I found it to be disturbing 80% of the time. If you like disturbing movies, see it--but after the kids are safely tucked in.

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Reviewed by bopdog 7

This movie is not good. But the cast is so good, and so compelling, that the movie is a bit more watchable than it really is. That is, Richard Dreyfuss and Liv Tyler have such charisma, general movie sympathy-vibes, and magnetism that even though they are in a bad movie, it is not totally excruciating to see them on the screen.<br/><br/>The movie is one of those thriller jobs where supposedly &quot;real&quot; psychological conditions of some of the characters play a role. As with many movies employing such a theatrical device, the glib Movie-Land behaviors exhibited by the supposed 7 year-old autistic child in the film don&#39;t resemble genuine kids afflicted with genuine disabilities so much as the behaviors resemble cartoonish soap-opera conveniences. Viewers could be reminded of Ed Norton&#39;s brilliant performance in &quot;The Score,&quot; where the actor portrays a character who fakes mental retardation, and then flips back and forth between the fake put-on afflicted behaviors and the real criminal&#39;s behaviors throughout the film as part of the film&#39;s narrative development. Something about Norton&#39;s great work there somehow highlighted most other Movie-Land characters with mental problems as a cheapo Hollywood trick, used as a melodramatic gag when real inspiration has fled. Anyway--- the kid here was annoyingly corny as he did what can only be described as a &quot;stand up&quot; imitation of of a cliche.<br/><br/>Overall, great folks in a horrible movie. It happens sometimes. Forgive Dreyfuss and forgive Tyler--- they did go on to do better and much more real roles later on. I gave this a 3 out of 10, because of those two actors and their inherent screen presence. Otherwise, this turkey deserved the lowest possible rating.

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