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Sidewalk Singer stars and casts Alan Maki in the title role, an itinerant Christian singer of his own compositions. In fact in describing himself Maki uses the term busker which is a British term for street entertainer.<br/><br/>It&#39;s all he has going for him ever since his wife and two children were killed in an automobile accident that he survived. Good for him he has his faith as that 20th century philosopher Frank Sinatra said he was for anything that got you through the night.<br/><br/>As this is a Christian movie it follows those parameters and you know things will work out as he gets involved with his own music ministry at a new church.<br/><br/>I guarantee you that you will not have heard of anyone in this cast and maybe that was good because the acting was strictly high school level. Basically the film and the plot therein is just to showcase Meki&#39;s songs. Christian music fans will approve.

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