Shark Exorcist


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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2

SHARK EXORCIST is another bandwagon-jumping monster flick. It seems B-movie film-makers these days have realised that anything involving a shark sells well, so you get films about robot sharks, giant sharks, ghost sharks, you name it. The premise for this one is quite literally JAWS meets THE EXORCIST, but if you&#39;re looking for a genuine B-movie then you&#39;ve come to the wrong place.<br/><br/>This is a homemade movie, and the most expensive thing about the film is the camera - this admittedly looks great in high definition. It&#39;s unfortunate, then, that&#39;s there&#39;s no real film or story here, just a bunch of scenes involving young women wandering around in bikinis and showing off their tanned bodies. The action plot incidents that make up the story occupy about five minutes of screen time tops and the rest is just padding.<br/><br/>There&#39;s no nudity or gore, so this really does fail as an exploitation movie. The shark scenes involve just a few snippets of CGI which is neither here nor there. Unsurprisingly the acting from the young female cast is dreadful and quite embarrassing for the viewer to sit through. The nadir of the film is when the characters attend a fairground and wander around for ten minutes doing nothing. And once the credits roll you get not one but two tacked-on scenes of more aimless wandering just to pad out the running time. SHARK EXORCIST is a film that makes SHARKNADO look like CITIZEN KANE.

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Reviewed by ramoncarrasquel 1

Wild Eye Releasing is probably the Dingo Pictures of Live-Action Movies, because after making terrible after terrible movie, somehow they managed to keep lowering the bar, to the point that their movies are a disgrace to indie filmaking.<br/><br/>After watching The Amazing Bulk, I never thought that something will top it as the worst movie ever, but somehow this piece of sh*t, manages to beat The Amazing Bulk in every single level of awful, to the point that is impossible that someone made a movie this bad.<br/><br/>Every word I can describe Shark Excorcist is negative: There is basically no story, he dialogue is dumb, the movie doesn&#39;t have a structure, some scenes don&#39;t add anything, the acting is terrible, the camera work is beyond unprofessional, the sound work is awful, the soundtrack is sh*t, there are basically no characters, the CGI is atrocious, the editing is bad, EVERYTHING IS SO DAMN WRONG.<br/><br/>There&#39;s nothing good to save about this movie, it&#39;s not even one of those movies that are so bad they&#39;re good, this one is so bad that is just BAD.<br/><br/>This one of those that I will give a 0/10, because it isn&#39;t a movie, but since IMDb doesn&#39;t have a 0 rating, there you go 1/10. <br/><br/>Worst Movie I have seen so far.

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Reviewed by tomasstanger 1

OK so have to write 10 lines on this, which feels like an extra punishment for trying to force myself to watch this. I made 20 minutes!<br/><br/>A few years ago I worked with some friends on a Zombie style horror series they were making. We never finished it but looking back the quality of that was far better than this. It&#39;s cheap, the acting (if you can call it that) is appalling.<br/><br/>I&#39;m actually having trouble to find the words to actually describe this<br/><br/>Sometimes I&#39;ll say 2/10 for effort but this doesn&#39;t even deserve that. I even tried swearing at the television to see if it would make it better but I couldn&#39;t even find words bad enough to make it work.<br/><br/>I&#39;m going to bed now, my day&#39;s ruined thanks to this!

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