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Reviewed by HatfieldCW 7

If you have never seen the unrestrained, unreasoning fury of an enraged baboon, brace yourself.<br/><br/>Watching Shakma, I started out thinking, &quot;Well, he&#39;s just a little monkey, it&#39;s not like he&#39;s a tiger or a snake or something,&quot; but after seeing Typhoon throw himself (quite literally) into the role of Shakma, I reconsidered the destructive capabilities of the primate chassis.<br/><br/>Shakma is a many-armed frenzy of horror and doom, and this movie is absolutely worthwhile if only for that awe-inspiring display.<br/><br/>The acting&#39;s a little thin, and there are a few scenes that&#39;ll really make you roll your eyes, but if you get a chance to see this movie for under $5, take it. You won&#39;t be sorry.

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Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7

Roddy McDowall plays the professor Sorenson who juices up a baboon with brain serum so he&#39;ll be calmer,unfortunately he makes a mistake and instead of injecting the right serum,he injects the serum that turns him into a bloodthirsty predator.&quot;Shakma&quot; is a much better film than Tom Logan&#39;s awful slasher &quot;The Night Brings Charlie&quot;.It&#39;s full of violent animal action,mostly the baboon attacking and killing medical scientists and the other animals in the lab.&quot;Shakma&quot; offers a nice amount of blood and gore and the killings are pretty brutal.The acting is solid,the score is amazing and the baboon is downright aggressive.Overall this is an immensely enjoyable animal-on-the-loose horror flick that should satisfy genre enthusiasts.Give it a chance.7 out of 10.

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Reviewed by FieCrier 3

A bunch of college students play a live-action fantasy role-playing game like Dungeon &amp; Dragons in an (apparently) locked building with caged primates, with their professor acting as Dungeonmaster. They wander alone from room to room, communicating with the professor by walkie-talkie. There&#39;s some supposedly unbeatable villain in the game named Nemesis, but I don&#39;t know who he was. They&#39;re supposed to figure out some sort of word puzzle from things written on blackboards, which I guess is a code word to give to the heroine, who is the only one who bothered to dress up in a costume for the game.<br/><br/>The game is deadly boring, and they really should have made it more interesting and involving, or else contrived some other reason for the students to be in the building. I&#39;d have to guess this movie is actually older than 1990, due to the poor picture quality and the terribly simplistic computer graphics on the computers that appear in the movie (although that may be the fault of the budget and not the age).<br/><br/>In between boring unsuspenseful scenes of people wandering around, a baboon attacks. The attacks are fairly violent, and if the movie&#39;s editing had been tighter, this might have been a better movie. There is a good scene of the baboon running down a hallway, and also towards the end a student has a plan to beat the baboon when we think he has given up that is also a good scene.<br/><br/>However, on the whole, the movie is too long, and has too many scenes that drag without serving a purpose. The characters are not really fleshed out, and looking at the list of actors and their characters&#39; names, I can&#39;t tell who was who.

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