Sex and Lies in Sin City


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Reviewed by blanche-2 7

Mena Suvari plays Sandy Murphy, a former stripper mixed up in &quot;Sex and Lies in Sin City,&quot; a 2008 TV movie also starring Matthew Modine as Ted Binion and Johnathon Schaech as Rick Tabish, Marcia Gay Harden as Binion&#39;s sister Becky and Peter Haskell as Ian Miller.<br/><br/>The film is based on the true story of the death of Vegas casino owner Ted Binion and the subsequent arrest of his girlfriend Sandy and her boyfriend, Rick Tabish. The producers wanted to stick closely to the facts of the case, and they probably did. However, they left out one of the most interesting parts of the case. When Sandy was brought in for trial, she was sitting across, not next to, Rick Tabish, and she gave him a devastating smile that left no doubt as to their relationship. It was picked up by the cameras in the courtroom - it&#39;s a shame that moment was left out of this movie.<br/><br/>Ted Binion was a drug addict who smoked heroin and took Xanax, among other things, but he was filthy rich. He meets Murphy in a strip club, and the two become involved. At one point, he has Tabish, a contractor, dig a concrete vault in the desert, where he hid silver bullion amounting to something like $7 million. Eventually Sandy and Tabish become lovers. Tabish was caught raiding the vault after Binion died, and his rare silver coins disappeared from his safe.<br/><br/>The question is, did Binion die of an overdose or was he helped along by Sandy and Tabish? If you&#39;re not familiar with the case, I won&#39;t give it away. From the beginning of the film, it&#39;s played somewhat ambiguously so that the viewer isn&#39;t sure.<br/><br/>The acting is strong, particularly from Modine and Hardin. Hardin is very Mercedes McCambridge in this playing a tough-talking, strong woman who is sure Murphy is guilty. Modine as the drug-addicted, paranoid and sometimes violent Binion does an excellent job. Suvari bears a resemblance to the real-life Murphy, though she&#39;s younger and fresher. She&#39;s good, but not great. The handsome Johnathon Schaech gives her steady support. In real life, with the exception of Murphy, none of the characters were as good-looking as the people who portray them.<br/><br/>Ian Miller, an wealthy old man who takes an interest in helping Sandy, is played by Peter Haskell. He has always been a favorite actor of mine. He looked very old in this movie, but it&#39;s always great to see him.

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Reviewed by xoxo-383-42512 7

This is a good little made for TV movie.<br/><br/>I really enjoyed this because I live in Las Vegas and am familiar with the Ted Binion scandal. I thought it was very well portrayed by some excellent actors. As other reviews have said, I am quite sure that none of these characters were as good looking or exciting as they were in this particular movie. Matthew Modine was very convincing as a mogul on his way down due to his heroin addiction. Mira Sorvino plays an excellent temptress. Marcia Gay Harden played a great Becky Binion. I am highly fascinated by all movies and things &quot;vegas&quot; and I think most of the population is also. That&#39;s what makes this and all other movies and shows centered in Las Vegas so popular. <br/><br/>All in all - a very enjoyable movie to watch - I highly recommend you catch it!

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5

Vegas stripper Sandy Murphy (Mena Suvari) rejects an offer from Ted Binion (Matthew Modine) claiming not to be a hooker. This only riles him up. Three years later, she comes home to find him dead. He is Vegas royalty and a drug addict. He was stripped of his license seven months before for his drug use and ties to a mob figure. The police investigates as Ted&#39;s sister Becky Binion (Marcia Gay Harden) battles Sandy and her boyfriend Rick Tabish (Johnathon Schaech). Rick is arrested for digging up Ted&#39;s stash of silver in the desert.<br/><br/>It&#39;s an interesting real life story. It seems to be going for a comedic take which isn&#39;t that funny. The story would work better as a murder mystery but Sandy is never portrayed as possibly being guilty. That takes all the tension away from the story and the trial. It&#39;s a Lifetime TV movie that needs to be more cinematic and dramatic.

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