Sensitive and in Love


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Reviewed by Polychrome3 4

As a sensitive person myself I was looking forward to a very emotional film. The emotions in this movie are shackled by the need to explain everything. The voice-over narrative is intrusive. The story doesn't emerge naturally. The emotions seem false because they are too staged.

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Reviewed by keirandinnie 9

This film very effectively reveals the challenges that highly sensitive persons (HSPs) face in relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it with my friend and found the journey taken by the protagonist to be moving and inspiring. My only criticism is that I felt that the acting was very slightly below par in a couple of scenes.

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Reviewed by laurieschulz 10

Very well written subject matter that needs to be told. Please watch so you can understand why some of us are the way we are. We aren't 'wrong' in feeling too deeply. 100 times, THANK YOU! For putting this subject into reality!

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