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Reviewed by ekese19 7

When i red the very banal two-line-plot on IMDb, I thought i will watch a cliché gay summer movie, a typical love story encluding malignant parents, hater society, etc. This movie is nothing like that. Very original and well acted characters (especially the mothers), very nicely written and directed script, very understandable but not cliché situations which are seemingly from the real life (oh those little details!). I have to mention the camera work - photography is just nice. Watch this movie if you want a nice summer evening with thoughts and emotions, but not the overloaded Holywood way. I didn't regret a moment of it.

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Reviewed by troy-boulton 8

This coming of age story has a distinctly Nordic kink, with a quirky sense of humour and an unabashed celebration of the carefree and the individualistic. Sporting a beautiful and well balanced cast, Screwed doesn't shy away from all sides of characters' personalities, nor the lumpy parts of them dealing with the challenges in their lives. It does however handle their travails with warmth and sensitivity, and allows the cast's performances to shine and leave us with little choice but to fall in love with this motley crew, warts and all. Snuggle up with this summer romance for a dose of feel-good, sans saccharin, lumpy bits not removed.

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Reviewed by blast_only 8

Nice little Finnish movie. Would have been even better with a more polished production and some (mainly the mothers) not so over the top characters.

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