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Reviewed by peytone 3

Scrawl is an incoherent mess. If I hadn&#39;t read the plot synopsis before I watched it I would&#39;ve had no clue what was going on. The storytelling and editing choices made here are bizarre and completely ruin the admittedly interesting premise.<br/><br/>Most people, no doubt, will seek this movie out because it is Daisy Ridley&#39;s first feature film (filmed before Star Wars: The Force Awakens). I&#39;ll give this movie one thing: Daisy&#39;s performance here, at its best, is pretty darn good. Sure, she is given some garbage dialogue at times, but she makes the best of the material and shows some nice range. Though she is the biggest one on the poster, her role in the movie is limited.<br/><br/>I know this is an indie film, and I certainly did not expect big-budget stuff. However, good editing and story structure can be done on any film with any budget. Talent is something different than scope or budget. Shots are cut between with hardly a care, there are random and incoherent montages, bizarre dialogue, you name it. It was honestly a chore to watch this; Scrawl represents the worst of independent film.<br/><br/>Skip this one. Do not waste your time and money.

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Reviewed by minievatanayothin 6

Script is ok, visual is ok. i just watch it for daisy ridley tbh

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