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Reviewed by markkbranson 6

OK--if you have read the plot synopsis or some of the other reviews, you have seen that this film alludes to Sartre and &quot;No Exit.&quot; The director&#39;s name, The Existentialist,&quot; certainly is one point of reference. But you need to get through to the end to really appreciate this allusion.<br/><br/>What else can I add? The acting is uniformly bad. Of course, this movie is a movie within a movie, so what else to do expect? <br/><br/>The camera work is typically bad. Think of the worse images from &quot;The Blair Witch Project,&quot; and you will see what I mean about the cheap (which is not necessarily the style, unlike &quot;Blair&quot;) camera work.<br/><br/>The one aspect that compelled me to give my hour to this film is the potential for a post-modernist critique. This film is self-referral and pastiche, both hallmarks of post-modernism. Stay for the last minute or so (after the end credits) and watch this sequence. This last moment of so explains--to me anyway--why this film was worth my time, particularly the monologue about the &quot;death of the author&quot; and the death of the director. Lots of intellectual fun for me.<br/><br/>Again, if you are interested in post-modernism, cheesy movies, or allusions to Kubrick&#39;s &quot;The Shining,&quot; take an hour, pour a cup of coffee and waste some time--ironically what many who are reading this do on a regular basis anyway. Or do they? Are they simply playing their roles in the director&#39;s script?

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Reviewed by sakuagachiko 10

Great acting for what it is since they&#39;re supposed to be in a bad zombie movie, great surreal story with tons of pop cultural references, a solid B horror/sci-fi film that&#39;s hilarious at times, not for everyone though! If you like The Twilight Zone, Nine Inch Nails, and stories with multiple twists, you&#39;ll probably enjoy this, just don&#39;t expect a Hollywood blockbuster. It&#39;s mostly black &amp; white with color like Sin City too.

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Reviewed by kagnustopez357 9

Three words... WOW, what an amazing movie, the story starts getting better and better, such a beautiful story, with so much touching moments, amazing soundtrack, congratulations to Scent, total respect to you guys.

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