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Reviewed by golfingbartender 7

Any film that deals with bigotry in a positive manner is a film that should still be seen by current audiences as the message and moral of the story will always be relevant as long as we have a world full of bigotry.<br/><br/>Aside from that, the film is really an old-fashioned love story..boy meets girl..boys loses girl...boy gets girl back....<br/><br/>The weakest role goes to the late Kent Smith as Lt. General Webster(Riccardo Montalban is a close second) question would be how did he ever get to be a 3-star general...the character is such a wimp in the presence of his wife and military subordinates, it&#39;s a wonder they show him any respect at all.<br/><br/>Brando&#39;s southern accent is a little overdone, and some scenes have a few holes but overall, I enjoy the film every time I see it.<br/><br/>Red Buttons is great...I always love seeing comedians in dramatic in Button&#39;s case, often a comedian can better portray the tragedy of a person than a more traditional dramatic actor.

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 9

The books of James Michener taking readers to faraway places with strange sounding names were probably at their most popular in the 1940s and 1950s. His Tales of the South Pacific became a major blockbuster Broadway hit for Rodgers&amp;Hammerstein. South Pacific was directed by Joshua Logan and he was a natural to do the film adaption of another Michener success, Sayonara.<br/><br/>It was only a decade before that American films during World War II did not portray the Japanese kindly. I&#39;m sure it wasn&#39;t easy for people who fought the Pacific war to change attitudes overnight. That and a general no fraternization policy with occupied peoples in general are at the crux of this story about interracial romance.<br/><br/>Sayonara is a relevant film today. The military has always butted in to the personal lives of its personnel in ways no civilian employer could get away with legally. In America at the time Sayonara was made there were still miscegenation laws on the books in many states. Today gays in the military is a big issue. Someone may one day do a Sayonara like film on that issue.<br/><br/>Joshua Logan was on familiar ground. South Pacific also had racism as a component of its plot. With a sure hand, Logan assembled a great cast and crafts a beautiful story.<br/><br/>Marlon Brando, Patricia Owens, James Garner, Kent Smith some of the occidental players do a fine job. But the picture is stolen by the orientals here. Miko Taka hits the mark beautifully as Brando&#39;s love interest. But the real stars are the two that one both Supporting players Oscars, Red Buttons and Miyoshi Umeki.<br/><br/>Buttons is your everyman enlisted man Air Force member. He falls passionately in love with Katsumi played by Miyoshi Umeki. They marry and the military cruelly does everything they can to break them up. They presume to KNOW what&#39;s best for Buttons and Umeki. Buttons was a TV comedian and a fair talent, but he never got a part as good as this the rest of his career.<br/><br/>And Miyoshi Umeki&#39;s Oscar was the first one given to an oriental. It got a great deal of attention because at the time of the Academy Awards, Miyoshi was starring on Broadway in Flower Drum Song. I was privileged to see it on Broadway, it was the first Broadway show I ever saw. I still carry the memory of it.<br/><br/>That Oscar symbolized something else too. Our war with Japan was really over and we saw in Sayonara a great nation with a proud tradition and culture.<br/><br/>Ricardo Montalban plays Nakamura, a Kabuki Theatre actor. If Sayonara were done today, Logan would never get away with it. But Montalban is fine. <br/><br/>Good location photography and a grand story. This film should be revived more often it has a great moral.

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Reviewed by MartinHafer 7

I really enjoyed this movie about the relationships that sometimes developed between American servicemen and Japanese women in post-war Japan--as well as the obstacles that prejudices created for them. Brando goes from having contempt for the Japanese (which is natural considering WW2) to falling in love with a Japanese woman and wanting to marry her. His performance is okay (I am not a major fan of his acting style) and the movie is marvelous throughout. Red Buttons received an Oscar for his touching performance of another GI who falls in love in Japan (though the Japanese women who plays opposite him also did a remarkable job).<br/><br/>I don&#39;t want to spoil it but the movie is a good one to watch with a box of tissues.<br/><br/>This movie manages to say SOMETHING and be entertaining at the same time. A mostly underrated gem.

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