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Reviewed by Platypuschow 4

Australian cinema has always been highly hit and miss with me but I have to say recent efforts including Wyrmwood (2014) have shown that there is a lot of potential there.<br/><br/>Written by and starring John Jarratt, the man you&#39;ll all know better as Mick the psycho from the Wolf Creek franchise this is an attempt at a thriller but lacks imagination and an ending.<br/><br/>It tells the story of a group of people seeking refuge in a roadhouse during a storm. But one of them causes chaos and puts everyones lives at risk.<br/><br/>Another review refers to this as a &quot;Micro-Budget&quot; movie which suggests to me that person has no idea what micro-budget actually involves. Sure it&#39;s no AAA blockbuster but it has enough money behind it to look and sound the part and also has Craig McLachlan who folks will know from both Neighbours &amp; Home and Away.<br/><br/>The film certainly has it&#39;s moments despite it&#39;s glaring flaws but sadly as mentioned lacks an ending. The credits just suddenly roll without everything being wrapped up and that is unforgivable.<br/><br/>At present time I believe the IMDB rating to be too low for a film of this caliber, but not by much.<br/><br/>Great for fans of Australian cinema, not so much for everyone else.<br/><br/>The Good:<br/><br/>Competently made<br/><br/>John Jarratt<br/><br/>The Bad:<br/><br/>Too few likeable characters<br/><br/>Rather predictible<br/><br/>No ending<br/><br/>Things I Learnt From This Movie:<br/><br/>The &quot;No ending&quot; thing better not catch on!<br/><br/>If you want to convince people you&#39;re a police officer it&#39;s best to show off your standard issue sawn off shotgun

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Reviewed by NozinAroun81 3

My expectations weren&#39;t very high for this film... and quite rightly so. John Jarratt (from Wolf Creek, Django Unchained... and Play School... you heard me) writes and stars in this little independent Aussie flick about a man who immediately after being released from prison (or rehab... it&#39;s never really made clear) heads straight home to visit his wife and son so he can demand either his half of their house or $5,000,000 (yet again it&#39;s not really made clear... and the house is probably worth about $500,000 at the most). The wife and son head to the holiday home of a family friend where they believe they&#39;ll be safe and can hideout until the coast is clear. Halfway to their destination they find themselves stranded at a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere due to the flooding caused by a storm that has conveniently just begun. Even more conveniently, they left their address book open and the psycho patriarch figures out where they&#39;re heading just in time to find himself stranded halfway there at the very same roadhouse. On the surface it would seem that he wants half the house or $5,000,000, otherwise he&#39;ll kill his wife and his son AND anyone who gets in his way, including the other poor unfortunates who are also stranded at the roadhouse. There is a mild twist at the end, but you&#39;ll still be left thinking, &quot;Really? Is that it?&quot;. The acting is of the same calibre you&#39;d expect from an episode of Neighbours or Home and Away on a bad day. Judging by the cover you&#39;d be expecting a brutal horror movie and you&#39;ll wind up sitting through a lame thriller with a very low kill count and very little tension. Craig McLachlan plays the hero of the piece... and with all due respect Craig... enough said!<br/><br/>I apologise for the fact that my carefully worded and relatively well thought out review is essentially just one massive paragraph :D<br/><br/>Check out my IMDb List for some better suggestions. &quot;HORROR/THRILLER: Obscure, Overlooked &amp; Underrated&quot; :)

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Reviewed by Theo Robertson 4

A flash flood in Australia cuts off a small handful of people in a remote roadside diner . A man called Phil enters and threatens his estranged wife Sue and the stranded drivers realise they&#39;re in a desperate struggle for their lives <br/><br/>This is a low budget Aussie thriller with a very small cast and a limited number of sets . This isn&#39;t enough to condemn the film as a failure of course but if you&#39;re making something along the lines of THE OLD DARK HOUSE then you&#39;ll need to make sure you&#39;re bringing something new and appetizing to the table and this is where SAVAGES CROSSING fails to a very large extent . What happens for most of the time Phil played by John Jarrat swaggers around over acting to high heaven telling people if they don&#39;t tell him where his wife is he&#39;s going to have to kill them <br/><br/>Another minor annoyance is Craig McLachan as the hero of sorts Mory . McLachan was once a household name in Britain and Australia twenty years ago due to his starring roles in NEIGHBOURS and HOME AWAY while like so many Aussie soap opera stars had a side line as a pop singer and he does the incidental music here on a soundtrack that is rather intrusive . He doesn&#39;t make much of a hunky hero either in a film that feels something of a wash out which is appropriate since it revolves around a flood

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