Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust


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Reviewed by hankfreese 5

I have loved much of Sarah's work in the past, but her newest special disappointed me. It deserves a 5 out of 10 because it was funny and witty about 50% of the time. The other 50% was a mixture of political talking points and misinformed scientific facts. I did laugh out loud a few times but the majority of jokes were poorly written, especially by her standards. I think I counted around 5 complex joke premises, all of which were very well executed, but the rest fell flat.

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Reviewed by leiaxsakura 6

No, I'm sorry, I have to disagree with the rave reviews. I'm a Sarah fan. She's one of the smartest and funniest out there. But this is the wrong direction. There's a lot to enjoy here. Not the belly laugh kind. The kind of thing she excels at, discussing things that actually sound real in her life and posing them in a funny and revelatory way, pointing out the boundaries of our artificially constricted moralities. Fine. I'm up with that. What is different here is her self consciousness. She's a woman who has a great range of facial expressions and usually can't talk without her arms and hands being part of the conversation. Did someone tell her that's not cool? Her style is more mannered in this one, her pauses more mechanical, her facial tics more like an actor's. She was great the way she was. She doesn't need to be slicker. I liked it that sometimes she would be doing a bit and the audience wouldn't seem to be getting it and she'd be so surprised at their dumbness she'd back track to try and get them to see what was funny. Yeah, maybe a bad idea in personal terms. Not slick but human. It was 'the new' cool. Showed how sparky she was and how vulnerable at the same time, that she wanted to be telling you something. Maybe this was a performance on a night she wasn't in her best place. The real Sarah Silverman is better than this.

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Reviewed by rzajac 9

Watching this reminds me of tracking young artists in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area (DFW) years ago. Yes, I&#39;m aware that the real action was happening elsewhere (like Austin); don&#39;t lord it over me. But it&#39;ll suffice to make my point.<br/><br/>Checking in with talented folks (wherever you may be) should be like this: It should be possible to see the performers mutate, morph, and transform--every show should be different.<br/><br/>A Speck of Dust felt like this. Sarah&#39;s still Sarah... but she&#39;s changing. And that&#39;s so welcome and refreshing to see. She&#39;s taking her time... it&#39;s like she&#39;s becoming more &quot;folksy&quot;... like a (only slightly) edgier Garrison Keillor--side note: People who actually tuned in Keillor know how truly edgy he could be!<br/><br/>Anyway: In this show, Sarah&#39;s a standing, gesticulating, slow-turning comic kaleidoscope! Loved her stories; touched by her occasional insights; in awe of her moxie.<br/><br/>Check it out.

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