Same Time, Next Christmas


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7


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Reviewed by christa-pelc 5

This would've been so much better if Lea Michelle sang at least once!!Same love triangle (w/ boyfriend from big city) with modern touches - gay couple, interracial couple, & boy star is a divorced dad.

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Reviewed by miss_fashion_editor 8

As far as Hallmark-y type movies go, and especially holiday ones, this one entertained me! I loved the story and I fell in love with the main characters and their families. The love story felt very realistic in terms of real-life issues coming into play. I gave it an 8 because this is a different scale than Hollywood movies. It is a TV movie of course. And quite a good one.

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Reviewed by gkukumakov 10

Very beautiful and entertaining movie. Perfect for the holiday season.

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