Russian Doll


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by ccorral419 4

Whenever a film feels the need to tell its audience what kind of film it is (i.e.."A Thriller), it usually means trouble. Unfortunately, Director/Writer Ed Gaffney falls right into this trap, presenting a less than "thriller" story about beat cops Viola (Melanie Brockmann Gaffney) and her partner EJ (Sarah Hollis) on a mission to find the kidnapped Darlene (Aly Trasher), who stubbles upon a murder plot regarding "The Russian Doll" play currently in production. Doesn't sound interesting as I explain it, wasn't interesting when I watched it. Because this is a Wolfe Video Presentation, it has a LGBTQ theme. Enter, Faith (Marem Hassler) who provides the love interest to Viola and the necessary sensual dream sequences. To a fault, Gaffney spends to much time setting up location shots, is heavy with his dialogue, and his several sub-plots/characters aren't very interesting nor convincing. Within every film, however, there is almost always some good, and here it come in the form of the original music by Jack Gravina and Daisuke Kimura. LGBTQ community or not, I won't be "rush'n" to see this one!

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Reviewed by flafreplf 1

I started watching it by mistake thinking that it's a show. Then I continued becauise I was fascinated how bad it was. Bad acting, bad writing... Who finances this stuff - it's not art and it does disservice to LGBT community by showing this awful attempt at a movie.

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Reviewed by teeveejeevee 1

I couldn't wait for this movie to end and pushed the fast-forward button more than once, even during the ho-hum lesbian sex scenes. Amateurish cinematography exacerbated the pain of sitting through it.

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