Runaway Romance


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1


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Reviewed by ronbokirk 9

This movie is well worth watching and follows the usual formula for good romance movies. There is magic or sparks between the leads, emotion, conflict, and of course sub-plots. It's failure to resolve the situation between Sarah and the Bishop cost it one point. What did she end up doing? All the loose ends should be tied up at the end. My score is 9.

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Reviewed by Saw-it-on-Tubi 7

This movie was hitting all the right notes for me as I was watching, and it is great for a night with your friends. My one complaint is the conclusion felt just a bit rushed, and I think if the movie was about five minutes longer, that ending would have been more satisfying. Part of the reason it felt rushed to me was because there was one side plot that felt unfinished. Still as far as romance movies go, there are plenty of worse ones out there, so this might be worth a watch with your gal pals.

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Reviewed by trexg 10

It's nice to see a TV movie made that is not only safe for the family, but entertaining as well. I highly recommend it!

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