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Reviewed by sarajimi 7

While not a direct re-make of a convenient groom, if you've seen that hallmark movie, you've seen this. I still liked this movie since it has its own elements but if you didn't like the earlier movie, you won't like this. hallmark makes so many movies that they can't all be completely original, but it almost feels like they weren't trying very hard. enjoyable but not special.

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Reviewed by lydiajp 8

When watching a Hallmark movie you have to except a few imperfections that may occur in most of their movies. So that way you can thoroughly enjoy yourself. (Good advice for life, by the way.) I was not even going to watch this movie, I don't feel like explaining why. This movie has True love (emotion) and a connection between the main characters and a life lesson in the story. You don't have to have award-winning actors when you have good writing but these actors must've done good for me to like it as much as I did. I highly recommend this movie.

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Reviewed by consortpinguin 8

I have to admit that I enjoy most Hallmark movies - light romantic comedies that are easy to watch. No matter what obstacles come up, you know that in the end the leading man and leading lady will end up together. This is a very pleasant movie and I enjoyed seeing Heather Morris again after being a Glee fan.

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