Rodeo Romeo


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Reviewed by Seamus2829 10

Here we have another post WWII Popeye animated short,this time set in the Rodeo. Popeye & Bluto (this time with an obviously phony Texas accent)are in competition for Olive's affections (what else is new here?)by trying to out do one another in their Rodeo abilities. What sets this one apart from the other shorts in the long running series is some not so thinly veiled reference to marijuana (both Popeye & Bluto ingest some locoweed,stashed in Popeye's Spinach can & act totally stoned out of their heads). I can only think that it must have been a total goof to try & get those jokes past the studio censors at Paramont back in 1946 (although there were other animated shorts that had their protagonists either drunk or stoned on various substances---including cocaine back then). I can only imagine that this short would have been really appreciated at midnight movies back in the late 1960's or early 1970's, when audiences usually showed up stoned for some of the psychedelic head films & concert films back then (unfortunately,most of the animated shorts back then were very limited to badly scratched and/or choppy 16mm prints moldering in TV studio film libraries).

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