Rocky Mountain Christmas


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Reviewed by kz917-1 7

Cute leads. Good story. Centering on a ranch woman comes home for Christmas to lick her wounds from a break up and be with her uncle and brother after the death of her aunt. Enter heartthrob actor looking to learn ranch skills for his next movie. Flirtation ensues and heavy hearts as her uncle considers selling the ranch. Will this be the last Christmas on the ranch? Will she follow her head or her heart?<br/><br/>Cute movie worth a watch!

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Reviewed by huggibear 7

It&#39;s not too corny or cheesy in terms of the story. I always wonder what might happen if a common woman meets a highly-known star. They try to make it seems real, but they don&#39;t pull it off that well. It&#39;s not a blockbuster movie that costs a lot to make, so you&#39;ll understand better when I put it to you that way. It&#39;s worth a viewing or two and more if it comes around every Holiday season. It doesn&#39;t top the &#39;Christmas Getaway&#39; movie as the premiere this week, but it&#39;s decent enough to watch. Give it a shot! It is better than some of the past Hallmark movies. And I just noticed that I&#39;m the first to give this movie a review. Well, it just premiered two nights ago, so that&#39;s understandable.

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Reviewed by scruggsk 7

The movie was fine until she got off on the right side of the horse after the parade. A real ranch girl would know better??

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