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Reviewed by zkonedog 7

When Robin Williams took his own life in the summer of 2014, it was a shock to the entire world. The only coping mechanism both then and now is to remember all the good times and laughs he gave us all. That&#39;s what &quot;Robin Williams Remembered&quot; does, done mostly from the prism of his television experiences as per what one would expect from this &quot;Pioneers of Television&quot; series.<br/><br/>This hour-long documentary is split into three basic parts:<br/><br/>1. Robin&#39;s younger years and early career in the stand-up comedy industry.<br/><br/>2. Talking with fellow co-stars from his time on the &quot;Mork &amp; Mindy&quot; TV show.<br/><br/>3. HIs roles in film.<br/><br/>Since this is only an hour-long piece, it doesn&#39;t have the ability to dig too deep into Williams&#39; life, but it does a great job of covering all the right bases through interviews with Williams himself and of many of his peers in the stand-up, TV, and film industries. There are so many hilarious memories of Robin that this can only scratch the surface of the potential memories, but it is a great starting point for sure.<br/><br/>I&#39;m sure that in subsequent years there will be more comprehensive bios done of this incredible entertainer, but for now (when even in 2016 his passing seems so painfully fresh) this is a good starting point to remember the legacy of Mr. Williams.

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Reviewed by SillyGayBoy 10

How great it was getting a glimpse into his life and career and the stepping stones of it. How great that guest starring in Happy Days led to his own show! Or that he visited the troops to do stand up in Afghanistan so much! Love that they let him improvise so many of his lines for the genie in Aladdin!<br/><br/>I love stories of seeing how careers built over time and this was wonderful. What an amazing man. I so wish I could have met him.<br/><br/>One down side is not much time spent on his movies but they had limited time with this and did what they could which I appreciated. I am glad one that made it in was my favorite, Mrs. Doubtfire.

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