Robert the Bruce


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Reviewed by Anothercarol 2

Given the title of the film and how interesting the subject is, I was so disappointed that the film chose this story line - it is ..... boring!I looked at my watch several times during this film, as did others in the cinema.I wouldn't recommend it.

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Reviewed by sheilamckenzie 9

A poignant portrayal of Bruce at his lowest ebbWe see the King as a vulnerable fragile endangered character with a price on his headThis is not the traditional portrayal of the warrior king in battle mode as we have seen in so many other films recounting Bruce's lifeInstead we are drawn into another side of Bruce's character as we see him portrayed as defeated & broken after he has hit rock bottom & all seems lostThe story gradually unfolds & we watch how Bruce overcomes adversity and regains a strength & renewed invigorated determinationHigh quality of actingEspecially in the roles portrayed by the children

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Reviewed by dhcanavan 10

It is not what you might expect. It is a sensitive and moving portrayal of a real historical figure caught between fighting for a destiny they are driven by, and a sense that they have been blinded by egotism.The story is well known in Scotland but there has never been as powerful a rendering of it as this. It has the makings of a classic.

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