Rites of Passage


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Reviewed by NJMoon 7

It's a pity that RITE OF PASSAGE is not more widely available and never received the praise it deserves. This is a complex film - an unusual mix of thriller and family drama. Queer cinema fans will like this one because of the matter of fact presentation of the sexuality of the leading character Cambell (intelligently played by Jason Behr.) Although this is Behr's film, he's in terrific company throughout, especially with veteran Dean Stockwell as his tough-as-nails dad. Watching these two come to terms (as well as Cam's brother), is the film's main dramatic thrust. The thriller elements are far from ignored, however. There are plot twists and turns a-plenty (only one of which seemed a bit contrived) and the story is a virtual roller-coaster of emotions. If you can get it on DVD, Behr and Salva provide an insightful commentary track and give you a glimpse of some more plot devices (and some super performances) left on the cutting room floor.

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Reviewed by msecour 8

The theme is old by now: estrangement between a gay son and his father. However, this issue is only a part of a complex web of surprises that creates a very entertaining thriller. This is a beautiful film, not just about sexuality, but about relationships. My wife and I were captivated with the story, sitting on pins and needles waiting to see how it would end. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed by Elysia 10

Jason Behr and Dean Stockwell deliver amazing performances as a father and son coming to terms with (the son's) homosexuality and (the father's) inability to show love and affection. I purchased this film without knowing much about it, and was pleasantly surprised by a powerful storyline, award winning perormances by Jason Behr, Dean Stockwell, Robert Keith, and talented writing and producing by Victor Salva.

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