Rise of the Footsoldier 4: Marbella


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Reviewed by ops-52535 5

There is a hersay about the brits that they are..........! and this film really shows the cruel side of it. its as you may expect, coke, lots of f-words, and c-words, a whole lot of beating stabbing and shooting, stealing ,cheating and messing around. and in marbella, there are of course no policia/bobbies or bills around, not even a siren, just nice big houses with big bath tubs and of course some british crooks.<br/><br/>i think that even a nitwit can understand that this cant be a reflection of true events. but there are some funny sideshow of bipolar origin that goes tandem with the bad attitude, and if it hadnt been for these moments i would have walked out of the aula.<br/><br/>its the rise of the footsoldier, the grumpy old man understands that, but the mix of gaelic and keltish rumblethumb like king rollo on a high are just good enough for a five.a dig for the blood and gore fan...

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Reviewed by dannyivor 10

This is an epic film OMG Not seen this yet? WHY NOT! That is all! Smashed the last 3! I&#39;m still siting here still laughing agog &amp; simply blown away!

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Reviewed by BigLaRusso 8

&quot;So what has it got to do with you nose ointment&quot;<br/><br/>Big bad &quot;Yetti&quot; Pat Tate is back, and Craig Fairbrass Along with his terrific co stars, Terry Stone (Tucker) and Roland Manookian (Rolfe) have made these roles their own, They continue where we left off from ROTF3 as big and bad as ever, filled with brilliant one liners, comedy and as always gritty violence these movies just get better, I really hope we get more of these, sure we all know the characters ultimate demise but with the way these characters have captured audiences I hope that we get more instalments, absolutely terrific movie with stellar performances, as we have come to expect8/10

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