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Reviewed by moviebuff-77375 10

I would watch this movie again! The acting was very real and I was kept on the edge of my seat. This was a great idea for a movie since I lose my phone all the time.Perfect movie to watch with friends!

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Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI 9

As more and more films respond to simplified marketing department directives by slotting themselves into singular, genre-specific lanes, the horror-thriller-workforce comedy &quot;Ring Ring&quot; mercifully rejects those bland edicts, instead leveraging the best from an array of genres in rolling out its unique and compelling story.<br/><br/>Cleverly shifty and consistently aspirational in its telling, &quot;Ring Ring&quot; evokes the workforce comedy angle first, as we track a slew of millennials working soul-destroying gigs at a telemarketing firm run by a short-fused boss, played with legitimately intriguing presence by former &quot;Incredible Hulk&quot; star Lou Ferrigno (Was Dr. David Banner not available? - Editor). The still-imposing Ferrigno is so hot-headed and the humor of &quot;Ring Ring&quot; so wonderfully subversive, that when his prized sandwich winds up on the corporate carpet, we&#39;re almost expecting green musculature to tear through the boss&#39;s tastefully-pressed work shirt. If you&#39;re into wry, knowing humor, this is top-shelf stuff - a refreshing respite to milquetoast linear progression, and a terrific tone-setter as the film then seamlessly branches off into its horror-thriller zones. Soon the millennials are conspiring to hijack the firm&#39;s telemarketing data in a plot to set up their own business, which leads exactly where you might expect it would: Entrapment in a nut bag drug fiend&#39;s dark-as-death basement. It&#39;s here where the breadth of the cast narrows, and who and what we&#39;re left with are the kind of complex, nuanced, and engaging character sketches so clumsily missing from the biggest of Hollywood entrapment films.<br/><br/>Throughout, &quot;Ring Ring&quot; rejoices in consistently turning viewer expectations on their collective head, and it does so with surprising and unforced fluidity. This is a film that borrows only the best from the standard bearers of house-of-horror films in successfully making itself familiar to that audience, yet it triumphantly sticks to cutting its own unique and multi-faceted path in what amounts to a decidedly fresh spin on a historically-tested storytelling vehicle.

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Reviewed by Smgrte235860 10

The film had a very interesting setup, the type that you don&#39;t usually see in horror, which subverts your expectations and makes the tense cares land even harder. Loved seeing Lou Ferrigno show up!

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