Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook


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Reviewed by lchadbou-326-26592 5

Rigged is a powerful, information-packed program on how during a ten year period since the election of a black President, Republicans and their allies have deliberately devised a playbook of strategies to suppress or intimidate minority voters.The documentary goes into detail on each of the ten strategies, showing examples of them in action,such as a lady sheriff in a Texas county who has a Latino man arrested on the charge of voter fraud, and a busybody in a rural Carolina county who goes about getting voters who haven't participated in several recent polls purged from the database.The film does give some hope in the sense that at least one of the strategies, the cumbersome Voter ID laws, has been temporarily stopped in some of the states shown, by the courts.But mostly this film will have to serve as a tool for groups who want to make sure that the right of citizens to vote can be protected from these threats.

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Reviewed by eric-stieler 2

I was intrigued by the premise of the movie and have a soft spot for the narrator, Jeffrey Wright from Hunger Games. Disappointed to see the documentary wasn't a factual, balanced review of a serious subject but rather a politically motivated narrative with predictable tropes. 1 star for content. +1 star for a good narrator.

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Reviewed by latvieshupuika 1

Somebody is paying money to create this nonsense propaganda stuff, which is obviously not intended for profit. It makes me wonder, who is so vested in making the US a third world country? And how much is budgeted in yuans annually to push the gullible US more and more every year to a civil war...

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