Revolutionary Road


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Reviewed by Linda Krestan 7

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were the incentive of my going to see this film, and I could not be more convinced of their talent than I am after the two-hour brilliance. <br/><br/>This film is reality in its purest, yet magnificently artistic form ? the anger that is portrayed repetitively and in various occasions reminded me of the wrath I myself occasionally experience, from the overture of an argument to its climax; the screaming, the furious need to verbally and physically harm, punch, kick, no matter how much affection is felt towards the recipient. Even during the scenes that are meant to be tranquil, there is anxiety and tension hidden in their smiles, a sort of counterfeit politeness that should never be present in a happy relationship. <br/><br/>It is all a depiction of two genuine lives that have the potential of existing in complete harmony, yet cannot because of the stereotypical environment and situation they find themselves in. They both crave change, an alteration in their monotonous state of being, but because of the lengthy period of time that they have spent in such a circumstance, their mentality is differently modified. April (Kate Winslet) finds unreserved determination to leave to Paris and although her character seems at times erratic, we gradually come to understand that she is in fact the stronger personality of the two; she truly finds change favorable, whereas Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) seems to find the idea of change more flattering than change itself.<br/><br/>Each choice a person makes can change a life, and that life is not always theirs. This film shows us just how wrong something right can be, as well as how right something wrong can be.

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Reviewed by Natasha Bishop 8

I saw an advance screening of Revolutionary Road in Beverly Hills, CA this evening (December 14th). A Q&amp;A session followed the screening with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, and screenwriter Justin Haythe. Photos from the Q&amp;A are attached to this report.<br/><br/>Revolutionary Road is a story that you won&#39;t be able to shake easily. The film will stick in your head and leave you to contemplate what has just happened on the screen before you. Richard Yates gives us the story of Frank and April Wheeler, the seemingly perfect suburbia couple. We soon find out their marriage is teetering on the edge of a collapse as they are overwhelmed by the fact that they have each made the wrong choices in their lives.<br/><br/>Once again Kate Winselt and Leonardo DiCaprio come together with great chemistry, pulling the best out of each other. This is a heavy film with emotionally complex characters, I&#39;m not sure I could think of any two actors that could pull off the roles of Frank and April Wheeler like Leonardo and Kate did.<br/><br/>&quot;Truth is usually in singular - Lies always come in plural.&quot; I&#39;m not sure who said that, but it is a notion that sums up this film.<br/><br/>Michael Shannon shinned in his role as the clinically insane son of Kathy Bates character; John Givings. Bates and Shannon both deliver humorous scenes to this heavy storyline, although there are times when you see the sadness and desperation in their characters as well. Michael Shannon&#39;s character, John Givings, is the truth in this film. Although clinically insane, he can see through everyone&#39;s lies and does the unthinkable; he forces everyone face their own truth.<br/><br/>I guarantee you will not be singing &quot;My Heart Will Go On&quot; after seeing this film. But you won&#39;t be disappointed with this little film gem.

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Reviewed by afterglow1-72 7

A show-stopping Leonardo DiCaprio becomes Frank Wheeler, with remarkable power and an insight we only get from the greatest kind of actors. Allowing the audience to become fully immersed in his psyche, letting us feel everything with him. Living his pain, resentment, and the sm?rg?sbord of emotions in between. It is a highly accomplished piece of acting from the lead actor that I cannot imagine being ignored come this award season. Frank is a flawed man that many people will be able to see aspects of themselves in. Not being satisfied with marriage, family, work. Feeling we are meant or destined for something greater, yet paradoxically feeling the doubt and insecurity in ourselves to really go after it. He&#39;s depressed, has a past he can&#39;t seem to let go of, he&#39;s arrogant, he&#39;s a liar, he&#39;s manipulative and in many ways immature. Yet we know him. He&#39;s our father growing up, he&#39;s a brother, friend or possibly even you. He makes mistakes and is almost embarrassingly human. What I found ultimately tragic about him was not the way in which he lied to others but the way in which he lied to himself. Leo DiCaprio uses his expressive face to brilliant effect as Frank. He was terrific in &quot;Aviator&quot; , &quot;Blood Diamond&quot;, &quot;This Boy&#39;s Life&quot; and others and has rightfully earned his place as one of the finest actors of his generation. Having said that, this is a whole new layer to DiCaprio that none of us have seen before. He brings a new, mature type of authentic subtlety to his craft. He doesn&#39;t resort to any big physical transformation. It&#39;s all internal. This is a new height for him, and easily the greatest acting of his career. A performance of great emotional intensity and depth that I can say without hesitation, will be remembered for generations to come.<br/><br/>Kate Winslet plays April Wheeler with a sharp fervor. She is angry, depressed and intensely believes she and Frank are destined for something greater than a life of conformity in the burbs. She is a tragic character in that she is basically a closed book, she shuns the love that people try to give her, she is a free spirit and quite the handful. She comes up with an idea to break free of the conformity she shares with her husband in an attempt to revive their marriage and at first it seems to work - the passion for life and each other reignited. But after an unexpected event and other factors, will the dream plan go through?<br/><br/>The chemistry between Winslet and DiCaprio in &quot;Revolutionary Road&quot; reminded me in many ways of the chemistry between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in the 1966 film &quot;Who&#39;s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?&quot;. They create an intensity in their arguments that is electric and palpable. You cannot take your eyes off them, they glue you to the screen and stick it to each other as sharply as the couple from &quot;Virginia Woolf&quot; were able to. Frank and April&#39;s story is grounded in a greater, more painful reality, however. DiCaprio&#39;s raging sobs are chilling.<br/><br/>The film is very dark. And the honesty practically guts you in some cases, so I don&#39;t think everyone will love it. Watching it was emotionally draining. Sam Mendes certainly did his job well here. It&#39;s his greatest film since &quot;American Beauty&quot;.

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