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Reviewed by MikeSNation 6

This is a good mystery/thriller. The other reviewer hits the nail on the thread I think, in her entire review but also in calling this a mystery/thriller rather than a sci-fi film (which is where I found it on Netflix).<br/><br/>It does have sci-fi elements and is built on the idea of a sci-fi technology which uses smartphone apps connected to brain implants to recall and heighten chosen memories from one&#39;s past, but it&#39;s more about the mystery.<br/><br/>She&#39;s also correct about the pacing of the film. It&#39;s very slow and deliberately paced. This is a mystery that uses tension and is all about how we handle our own memories and fears, and how we handle finding out we don&#39;t remember things the way they actually happened sometimes. &quot;Be careful what you wish for.&quot;<br/><br/>Colm Feore is an incredible actor and Amanda Plummer knocks it out of the park in her brief supporting role. The lead actress is fine and her friend/driver/bodyguard (who I&#39;m certain I&#39;ve seen in something else?) does a very good job in his role. The role of the mysterious brain-chipped, desperate young lady was also handled quite well.<br/><br/>I&#39;m surprised this movie only has 44 ratings here. Maybe it was just recently added to Netflix but it&#39;s from two years ago (2015) and is quite good for what it is - just don&#39;t expect it to be your traditional &quot;sci-fi&quot; flick.

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Reviewed by tandbxxx 7

Good idea well acted , story could have had more depth , could be expanded for a tv series

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