Rescuing Madison


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.4


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Reviewed by unclemyron77 10

Very well done and entertaining. I wish it was a full two hour movie as a lot more could have been done in developing the interaction between the two main characters.

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Reviewed by sarajimi 7

I liked the story - while predictable it was still good and just different enough from the rest of the hallmark movies. ethan peck did a good job but I was disappointed by alona tal. I've seen her and enjoyed her in other things but felt she didn't really connect with this character. and we were disappointed because the version we saw did not show her singing.

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Reviewed by manfredpeter-09628 5

Alona Tal made the movie better than it would have been. I'm big fan of hers from Supernatural. WishH I could see more of her, but doubt it will be on Hallmark.

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