Remember Sunday


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Reviewed by tg_jad 8

Just finished watching it on TV and enjoyed it very much. Had some minor elements in common with 50 First Dates, but definitely not the same premise. The two main actors did a wonderful job and played their parts pretty much perfect. While it has some lighter moments, it is definitely not a comedy. It&#39;s not a tear jerking serious drama, but it does keep a very definite romantic drama theme throughout. Overall. if you like romantic movies that keep a serious tone, but don&#39;t try to make you cry at every opportunity, then you may like this one.<br/><br/>Give it a 8 out of 10, but has king of an open ending which is not my favorite way of finishing a movie.

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Reviewed by servantshepherd 9

Remember Sunday. A touching story very well done. Encouraging to those suffering memory loss illness and encouraging to those families, caretakers, friends and all affected by someone struggling with memory loss. My step Mom had Alzheimer&#39;s and the short term memory was affected so I could relate to this storyline personally. The struggle of a family or a person with a mental illness is a real difficult issue to cope with, and this movie showed that struggle in a wonderfully inspirational way. It didn&#39;t make light of the illness or give a quick cure and make it seem non relatable to most families struggling with incurable illness. Thank you for a great movie with real substance, hope and encouragement.

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Reviewed by JACCO2008 9

I&#39;m not generally one to like these Hallmark movies. My mom watches them all the time and usually I think they&#39;re stupid. But this one actually caught my attention enough that I stopped doing homework to it down and watch it. <br/><br/>I think it was the characters. Obviously Alexis Bledel is pretty and talented and this character could easily be a &quot;grown up&quot; Rory, however the writing was good enough that it kept her from sinking into that familiar role too much. She was still quirky weird, but in an endearing way that made me care about the character. The guy, who I&#39;ve never seen before in anything, was convincing enough as his character, Gus. <br/><br/>This was an interesting take on a familiar formula and played out as more of a drama than anything. To be honest, I&#39;m not sure why I liked this movie so much. But I recommend it in any case since it&#39;s just a feel-good all around movie.

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