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Reviewed by harveyrabbit75 10

Remedy is an exceptional film for many reasons: the lighting, camera work, direction, and acting are all on point, and the story is honest. The protagonist, Remedy, played by Kira Davies, is curious and brave woman who ventures into the world of professional BDSM. Unlike other films about sex work, this film brings worker community to the front instead of focusing on the clients. It is a realistic look at how career burnout happens. Remedy is not a feelgood, "happy hooker" film, nor does it replay the tired trope of sex worker as victim, it's simply a movie about a woman with a job who does not get enough rest.This is a very important film bringing sex workers to the front, not as empowered or victimized beings, but simply as people.

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Reviewed by nikspitz 7

An artfully framed study of the subversion of feelings and their deviant expression, explicitly in the world of BDSM - though not overtly or particularly sexual. <br/><br/>This is a subtly told, at once playful and edgy little film with some nuanced performances, but most particularly Kira Davies as our protagonist Remedy. <br/><br/>Engaging moody and well crafted camera-work plus an evocative driving soundtrack. <br/><br/>Well worth a viewing if you have a penchant for anything indie, original and/or underground.

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