Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs


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Reviewed by molinagrn 8

I got to watch this movie online and I really like it. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, the designs and personality of the characters are enjoyable and even work with the parody aspect (especially with the princes who attack the fairy princess just because she looks like a witch). The story although kinda odd is enjoyable, it doesn't dull out with its plot like Charming and you get invested in the characters with the story through. Wasn't sure to give it an 8/10 but it's a guilty pleasure so I think it counts based on the fun I had on this experience, more so than Charming or The Stolen Princess. If you can, please give it a watch. It's cute, funny, charming, an overall delight.

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Reviewed by ek2020 8

While I only got to see this movie in passing, I really liked it and I love the story it was trying to tell. Lots of colorful characters, some good paced jokes and an interesting take of the the "True Beauty Lies Within" mixed in with adult themes of asking what really matters in a person - external or internal beauty and if given the chance, would you fall into temptation for happiness. Granted I know other movies have tackled the same subject with better results, but it still is a fun concept to play around with and they do so in a way that doesn't detract from the fun characters that you follow. Sometimes the pop songs can get a bit much if you don't like them jumping randomly into it, and there are moments where the side characters do get grading at times, but all and all, a good flick for a feel good story.

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Reviewed by black_star_dragoon 7

It took me forever to be able to watch this, but watch it I did. I saw trailers for this movie about 3 years ago, right about the time of the marketing fiasco for this movie. The older trailers and taglines really do not do this movie justice.The twist, Snow White is not a drop dead goregous hottie that princesses are protrayed as these days. She takes after her father. She's an adorbale pudgy princess. The dwarves are green and under a curse because of a *ahem* terrible misconception that is held in Fairytale Land.Long story short- it is a tale, told with humor and a pinch of cringiness, about accepting yourself for who you are no matter your appearance, and learning to grow from your own misconceptions on what beauty is and is not.My only con is the pop music. It takes away from it BUT that is my opinion.

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