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Reviewed by pwdoncaster 7

#9 on my all-time list. Another one of those truly (and tragically) hidden gems -- full of great lines that you can spout ad nauseum to your friends and family until they finally see it (and, trust me, they'll thank you for it). Without question, this is Brooks' best. And true to his genius, arguably the funniest character in the film is one you never see -- just a voice on a speaker phone. If you don't become a Brooks fan after seeing this film, you'll never be one.

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Reviewed by mjneu59 7

Albert Brooks, earlier in his career, may not have been the most appealing person in show business, but his screen persona was then certainly one of the funniest: insecure, obsessive, vain, and obnoxious enough to make his low-key, self-deprecating satires a definite acquired taste. In this mock cinema verité parody of a then topical PBS reality series he attempts to document on camera one year in the life of the second-most typical family in America (the runner-up was preferred in order to avoid a winter in Green Bay, Wisconsin). But the scientific enquiry meets with several unforeseen obstacles, not the least of which is a complete breakdown of the actuality Brooks wants so desperately to capture. Charles Grodin's typically deadpan performance sets the proper comic mood, and the scenario includes plenty of cinema in-jokes sure to raise a chuckle from any film student (it might have been titled 'Reel Life'). One highlight is the slow-motion family frolic meant to show highbrow French critics what the word 'montage' is all about.

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Reviewed by DJAkin 8

As a Phoenix resident, it was interesting to see the old Phoenix. Boy has it changed since the old days. Well, I was from ABQ before, I moved here in 1998. This movie was good and there was a lot of DARK humor, such as the horse scene, where another 2.5 percent of halophane was injected into that HORSE.<br/><br/>The martian photographers were interesting. Hammon Buck is on his way to my house now via plane. I wish he was here to see this reality TV movie. This movie is really cool. I was shocked. It&#39;s a mockumentary of sorts.<br/><br/>Albert Brooks is the best.

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