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Reviewed by mgtbltp 8

Watched this again on the new DVD released &amp; all I can say is WOW, I was impressed. This film has vaulted into my top 20 Westerns.<br/><br/>First of all from beginning to end its hitting on all cylinders. This is a Stage Station film in the tradition of &quot;The Tall T&quot; &amp; &quot;Comanche Station&quot; of the later Bud Boetticher/Randolf Scott Ranown series, all of the action takes place in the stage station and its immediate surroundings.<br/><br/>The opening sequences of a stagecoach crossing the rugged barren wilderness including shots of it passing through snowbound passes are just spectacular. The Black &amp; White cinematography is gorgeous, and add to that the historically accurate use of a team of mules pulling it makes this film one of the best portrayals of stage travel I&#39;ve seen. Even the stagecoach itself is adorned with a &quot;headlight&quot; type lantern for night travel.<br/><br/>This is one of those films where you learn some bits of Western lore, its a good example of what was prevalent in that &quot;golden age&quot; of the Western 1950 -1971 when the audience through both films like this and the abondanza of Westerns on TV were inundated with things western where you were in the aggregate going to a sort of &quot;Western University&quot;. Its a knowledge that is getting lost now and a good example is the illogical stupidity and implausible scenarios in the recent remake of 3:10 to Yuma.<br/><br/>But I&#39;ve been digressing. Lets get back to Rawhide.<br/><br/>Care is also taken to show how the arriving team of mules is changed out for a fresh team. For those who are not familiar with western staglines most stage stops &quot;stations&quot; were located between 15 to 20 miles apart so that fresh teams could replace the arriving team. Each tandem of driver &amp; shotgun made a run of about 100 miles a day, so they would go through between 5-7 stage stops in a shift. At some stage stations they had lunch or dinner for the passengers, All the aspect of working a stage station was depicted spot on. The set is perfect.<br/><br/>Dir Henry Hathaway does an impressive job in this film, his shots and compositions are beautiful &amp; all the actors are convincing. This film boasts Edgar Buchanan&#39;s finest performance as Stationmaster Sam Todd, and Jack Elam is his creepiest as Treviss, Tyrone Power is Tom Owens, Susan Hayward as Vinne Holt a tough ex-saloon singer turned protector/surrogate mother of her dead sisters daughter, Hugh Marlow as the gang leader, George Tobias as Gratz, and a great performance by Dean Jagger as the slow on the uptake &quot;one horse horse thief&quot; Yancy. Its got a very well integrated low key un-intrusive to the story &quot;love interest&quot; between Power &amp; Hataway a good example of they way it should be handled in all Westerns.<br/><br/>This film should be in anybodies Western Collection, 8/10 or better.

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Reviewed by lora64 10

Yes, I think &quot;Rawhide&quot; is a highly charged western and if I were any younger I&#39;d be working through two boxes of popcorn while lost in this movie! It keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch several outlaws take over the depot, all set for a robbery, and lie in wait for the coach to arrive. Also the fact is, when you combine two intense stars like Ty and Susan you&#39;re bound to get a compelling screen presence since both are always fascinating to watch. They carry the drama steadily along.<br/><br/>Later on in the film however, there seems a shortage of dialogue and the story tends to get bogged down in a constant gloomy atmosphere of quiet desperation.<br/><br/>One certainly feels the weight of isolation in this remote station along the stagecoach line in a time where lawlessness still needed to be subdued. It makes one realize how rough it must have been to live in those days of homesteading in the West. <br/><br/>As usual, Elam is the baddy in here and he never fails to rouse my dislike although in later life he went in for comedy in a western or two, a nice change. Hugh Marlowe is also a familiar face -- of &quot;All About Eve&quot; fame. On the whole it&#39;s a riveting western to the end.

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 7

In the film Rawhide things start out like any other day for Tyrone Power who plays the son of the stage line owner spending some time at one of the way stations learning the business from grizzled old timer Edgar Buchanan. A stage stops by and Susan Hayward and toddler are among the passengers.<br/><br/>But when a passing cavalry patrol brings news of a crashout by four very desperate criminals, one of whom was scheduled to be hung the next day, the driver decides he&#39;s not taking Sue and the little girl if there&#39;s going to be trouble. Even with a cavalry escort which you would think would have been enough to discourage any outlaws from robbing the stage. Sue stays at the station until word of capture or a stage going in another direction arrives.<br/><br/>The four outlaws do arrive and they are four really lousy specimens of humanity. Led by Hugh Marlowe the candidate for the rope, the others include Jack Elam, George Tobias, and Dean Jagger. They kill Buchanan and stay at the station hoping to holdup a stage carrying a gold shipment. <br/><br/>Marlowe is light years away from the nice guy playwright in All About Eve. You can hardly believe this is the same actor. But the guy making his first real mark in the cinema is Jack Elam. One of the most psychotic villains ever put on screen, Elam makes full use of his blind eye for some incredible facial expressions. His unconcealed lust for Hayward is driving Marlowe to his wits end who needs Power alive at least until the robbery is done.<br/><br/>Tyrone Power was 37 when he made Rawhide, a bit too old for the part he was playing, still he does a good job. This is a remake of an earlier 20th Century Fox film Show Them No Mercy which had a modern setting and the Power and Hayward roles were played by Rochelle Hudson and Edward Norris who were barely in their twenties.<br/><br/>But it&#39;s the outlaws here who really make this film. As Marlowe is quick to comment this isn&#39;t a crew he&#39;d pick, they just happened to be around when he made his break and they went along for the ride. Tobias and Jagger play a pair of amiable duds, Marlowe is bitter and angry, but Elam is psychotic.<br/><br/>Henry Hathaway got good performances in this suspense filled western. Of the outlaws the idiot Jagger in the end has the most sense. See the film to know what I&#39;m talking about.

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